Bug Fails, and More Hex Art

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Our was a bit hectic as we drove 300km away for an overnight in Spokane. It was nice to be among the skyscrapers again, even for just a short day. It's interesting how rain in the city has this nostalgic scent that made us miss former cities we lived in.

This morning, it was back to the grindstone. I started by catching up on a weekend of messages in my inbox. Then, I plowed into the forums, but quickly got bogged down in the bugs. It seemed like each of the bugs I was reading only happened sometimes, and I was having zero luck reproducing them.

After a couple of hours I was still 0 for 3 on reproducing different bugs, so I decided to switch gears for a while. I added a quick feature to bind the spacebar to the crafting "clear" button, added some clarification text to the beta page on the website, and accidentally discovered a bug in my encounter editor, which I fixed.

Then, I decided to return to the hex art. Last week's Zom Zom's hex art was a welcome addition, and a nice change of pace. So today, I followed-up with the Strange Forest and Isotope Mine. Finally, I think these places are going to start getting more visitors :)

There are still a couple more hexes that need doing, both existing and future encounters. However, it's a toss-up whether I do that tomorrow or dive into a new encounter and faction. I'm thinking I'll focus more on content for a bit, since I've been bug-fixing a while. Then, when this content batch is done, I can playtest and hopefully fix critical bugs as they pop up. That, and there should be some more player-reported bugs that I can reliably repro by then.

As always, more to do! Now, however, I'm going to figure out some dinner. Have a good one, all!


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Looking forward to new encounters. I'll have to search out Strange Forest and the Mine; I've been playing for while now without stumbling over those. I'll have to resist the urge to wiki the locations.