A change for bronze talisman

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A change for bronze talisman

I think it would be great if the bronze talisman where no longer a crafting item because I have lost count how many times I have crafted arrows or medium thread and the bronze talisman gets used and Merga Wraith shows up like "yo bro I see you did not like my bling-bling gift I gave you...time for murder" and I die. I just feel like something that is that important should not be able to be accidentally crafted and lost in a pile of medium threads.

I am really getting tired of Merga Wraith killing me.

Yep but the problem though is the premise of the game is your character has no clue the Nerva wraith even exists until he takes off the talisman.

I suggest you just stop using the quick crafting recipe table... that seems to be a major problem for you, and I'm sure that's why. Sure it might slow down your crafting, but you dont get any unexpected visits from Merga.

It should still be a crafting item, but it should be the last thing you would use in place of string or whatever.

(I was going to suggest adding a warning, but that goes against the fact P.Kindred doesn't know about Merga)

We either die a survivor, or live long enough to see ourselves eat every DMC guard.

i stopped reading at "yo bro i see you did not like my bling-bling gift i gave you...time for murder"
sorry,i know that this is a serious problem! but i can't help it! XD

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The change that I feel needs to be made here is simple. This is not about knowing if the item is special somehow. This is about the fact that rationally, your character is not going to pull the talisman from his neck, regardless of whether he knows it's true value or not in order to use that instead of string of some other kind when crafting, any items directly equipped to one of the basic body slots should not be selectable by the recipe auto-selector. I have had the same problem with the game turning hide gloves into rags while I was boiling dirty rags, hell, it selects the gloves FIRST, before selecting dirty rags as an option, even if I am wearing them. This is not just a problem with the Bronze Talisman, it is a symptom of a larger problem in the recipe auto-select for the crafting system that should have the kinks worked out.

I believe you can break it down and receive the necklace again. Which you would have to only put it back on to not die. Though I guess it would be a pain to those who use auto crafting? Didn't even know that was a thing.

I like being able to craft held items, makes adding a string or something to an item in my pack MUCH easier, not to mention keeping supplies organised and being able to craft straight from bags is nice, even though I'd imagine that's still 'equipped'

it happens to you, it's your fult for not paying attention to whats being used.

If you accedently do it you can still brake it down and put it back on in the same turn and nothing will happen.

I hadn't noticed this, but if the recipes are auto-using the talisman as thread, then I agree with the OP: the talisman should simply be removed from crafting recipes as a component.

If the player *chooses* to disassemble it for cord/string, on the other hand, then use that cord to craft with, that's their choice (and funeral!).

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