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Build own community

Possibly add a way to designate somewhere as 'home' this could then be used as your base of operations. To make this more useful you can then also implement the feature of making friends, you then invite them to build a community together and that person then comes back to the designated 'home' and lives there with you as an independent person that you can interact with and can work with. Maybe allow the designating of roles such as hunter, looter, cooks etc.

You could have the concept of 5 people living within each tile so that when you reach five people in your 'home' it then spreads to a new hex that is connected to the 'home' hex. So when you have 6 people you have 5 people in the 'home' hex and then 1 other person in a hex next to you.

Collecting resources could be used to craft items, you could also develop where you live such as building log cabins or fixing the place up a bit, for example, the Cryo Facility, repairing the window and instead using the door. Each different character could have a different set of traits which would mean that they could do other things that you could perhaps request of them. For example if you have the materials and someone has the mechanic skill they could fix the vent in the Cryo Facility.

You could build defences against looters and others and have them nearby allies fight with you.

Just some possible changes that could make this game a lot more fun for me, please leave your feedback. :)

It's a fine idea really, but not likely going to be implemented into the game. He's already stated that companions won't be making it into the game.

And what you are talking about, having a 'home' hex, is difficult to do. This game is trying to embody the atmosphere of a really rough environment. And the closest thing you can have is a campsite which you store things. And that's difficult enough to do already without having it looted.

What I thing COULD work, and something I've been thinking of, is sort of a temporary 'home' tile. At least you could mark a specific location and you would be able to have it marked on your map so you could quickly locate it again. I would like a feature like that. But a 'base building' element like you describe would be a great idea for a mod! I can see something like that being a very popular mod too :)

King of the Wasteland

Permanent, developed settlements probably won't be added. The closest to what you have in mind are somewhat-suitable facilities like aforementioned Cryo, which in fact you can adjust a bit for living (should you have proper skills, that is), though stuff like temporarily renting a room was also considered in the past.

Making whole communities, little towns and so on is completely out of question as the story is about a man who tries to find his place in the world and uncover several secrets regarding his past and present situation, and who after traversing the part of the world he wakes up in will travel elsewhere.

Companions, as in some typical party-based RPG most probably also won't be in. They'd require lot of work at this pont of development and upset both balance and certain elements of the story. Again, the game is meant to revolve around fate of single man - and his impact on the world around and I am afraid that adding stuff proposed here would not work too well without big part of the game getting changed.

It may be sad as I, myself, like little sim elements akin to carving some small settlement, a beacon of civilisation - but it's not something this particular game was meant/planned to be.

What I thing COULD work, and something I've been thinking of, is sort of a temporary 'home' tile. At least you could mark a specific location and you would be able to have it marked on your map so you could quickly locate it again.

That is already in. Nearly any tile can be used to make a camp by putting stuff (useful for camp like sleeping bags, campfires or any random junk) in the proper 'tab' which in turn marks the hex with a tent icon.

I think what Mufasa meant was that the main map and the zoomed out minimap would show the hex with the word "Home" or as I would prefer "Camp" and that there would only be one hex on the map with that name but you could designate any hex and if you wanted to start a new home/camp the old location would no longer be mark on the map only the newest location. This would be different from the camp icon as it could be seen from the minimap.

I am really getting tired of Merga Wraith killing me.

Yeah, that is what I was getting at. Just a simple feature to label it on the map. Because if I've been playing a long time or take a multi-day trip out from a specific location, I'm not going to remember where my camp was that I stayed at like 3 days ago. Because as Charrazach said, you have to search for the little camp icon if you ever wish to get back to your campsite. Which is a pain.

It's the main reason a don't make camp sites, I just stay on the move. If it was easier to find them again, I'd enjoy using it/protecting it a lot more.

King of the Wasteland

I like the idea of this, but would be massive amount of work!

I think maybe the ability to craft more in the 'camp' realm could be a welcome addition. Something like the ability to craft a hut, dig a cave with a hatch that can be hidden so you don't get eaten at night..

Hmmm it is a shame that this probably wouldn't get into the game because I feel that it would be very fun! I understand that it is about a lone man, but a lone man can start a community and then live there, obviously it wouldn't be free living from there, there would be sieges, other groups etc. I hope someone would make a mod of this because I think it could change the game completely but then in a good way! Thanks for the replies! :)

If a lone man starts a community and becomes part of it, is he really 'lone' anymore? But yes, you can put some faith in mods, should the game be moddable enough, though I suspect that even then, adding such sizeable features will be quite some work.

The only part of your argument I would agree with is if there were ways to better protect your camp even if you are not there.

If I pick any item and set it in my inventory, It just happens to exist in my inventory.
So a looter picks my property I think from my inventory is OK.Then I knock him and retrieve my property.I think This is a fair system.
The idea safe hex only accessible for a player is a bit too unfair advantage.
Players scavenge, NPCs scavenge.It's my taste.