Suggestion on "Rain Catching Device", More Idea to make it Acceptable

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Suggestion on "Rain Catching Device", More Idea to make it Acceptable

I seen alot of post about "Rain Catching Device", some called it "Metal Funnel" Etc which allow to Catch Rain when it's raining, well lets just say that, that's not a bad idea to begin with, but lets add some "Side-Effects", "Downfall-Effects" that might happen.

1) Water that was caught would be random (Poisoned, Infected, Sterillized, Water?, and maybe More in the future)
*According to*

2) Definitely Waste Turns but by how much?

3) Don't know, Acid Rain? Might just Work

Give more Suggestion or feedback :3 Thanks

Thanks for Reading.
By Takanori Kiririn

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But why couldn't you just leave and scavenge around and hope nobody steals it?


Well since there has not been any mention of radioactivity or super harsh air pollution most rain water is very clean but how it is collected usually will containment the water. Acid rain would not really be a problem unless there is a ton of toxins in the air, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, and if there where you would not be able to boil water to change its pH level you would need to use a filter system or chemicals. Also if there was acid rain then the pH levels of the other water sources would also be dangerously polluted. Acid rain ranges from around 5-1 pH and normal rain is 6.5-5.6 but if the pH of rain is 1 it is around the same level as concentrated sulfuric acid and if that stuff started raining on your skin then game over. I think it would be neat if you could make a rain water collector/filter that would require the mechanic skill and maybe the electrician skill. But if that seems to op to have rain water be collected and sterilized it could be just collected by using 1 tarp, 4 rigid shafts, 4 small threads, and a stone or 1 Large, Waterproof Sheet, 4 rigid shafts, 4 small threads, and 1 empty bottle. well since this dumb spam filter keeps blocking me posting this with all any links to show you what these crafted water collectors would look like you can search for tarps collecting rain water. The first crafting method would just collect water and the water collector would have room for one unit of water maybe more. The second crafting method would have a slot that one empty bottle could be placed in and would be filled. I think that either be able to be set out in a campground that is not a building to collect water and it would either collect one unit of water or fill one bottle at the end of every turn that it rains. Also I think it should have a pretty high chance to be infected but not poisoned since in the game there is no way to get ready of poison from water and poison water is only usually in the Great Black Swamp . I think the size should be a little smaller than a tarp shelter and it should have a slow condition meter.

I am really getting tired of Merga Wraith killing me.

Like the idea just needs to be thought through correctly.