New skills & and Ideas?

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New skills & and Ideas?

1.Put in the Sewing skill
2.Put In a disability of Glasses, and without them you can only see one hex around you (you should still be able to use Eagle Eye though.
3.They're should be a drawer in the other room in the Cryo Facility with like a 25% chance of holding either A shirt, pants or like some blinky's
4.Add Lake Erie(already implemented) and a Large river going across the map somewhere.
5. add Rafts so you can go down the river without having to walk.
6.Fishing skill
7.Being able to learn skills, But only skills that make sense, because you couldn't learn metabolism, or eagle eye.
But for the ones you could learn, for some of them you'd need a teacher(i.e Hacking Medic lock picking tracking electrician trapping mechanic Maybe melee botany and ranged). So you could make it to Detroit and ask around to see if there is anyone willing to teach you. Also you should be able to learn them yourself with trial and error, like buying a weight and using outside or practicing attacking a tree or shooting a tree with a ranged weapon (probably not with a gun because the bullets cost A LOT)
but mainly just the easy ones, because then you should need a teacher.Last thing it should take a while to learn each one, also there should only be one or two teachers in Detroit at one time then every 3 days it would change.
8.Add a blacksmith skill then you could look for metal outside of Detroit or you could buy it(they're should be scraps but this should be used to determine how good of quality it is and making the weapons or other stuff.
9.Sneak skill. I REALLY wanna be able to stealth kill a bandit or something, could also be useful for hunting deer.
10.Farming and compounds. It would be cool to set up in an open field and farm mainly crops. The seeds should be really expensive though. Also you should be able to set a compound where you can store stuff. Also you should be able to make traps for humans and scatter them around you compound to protect your stuff while your scavenging, also Safes Weighs alot but if your determined to keep your stuff safe, it should be an option.
11. Being able to cut up clothes into rags (?) ( not sure if implemented and if it is i'm really stupid)

1. Sorta tying into the entire River thing (kinda) you Need to Bathe, otherwise animal, wolf man and all that stuff would smell you and track you down whether or not you have hidden your tracks.
2.Getting your clothes wet or bloody or dirty and then you get shot... you'd think that would accelerate an infection by like 200%.
3.Changing Seasons. Also the player should be able to pick what season they start in to really challenge the player, or make it easier.
4.Addiction trait, Drugs, smoking, and drinking, Find these out in the wasteland and they could be fairly pricey in the junk market, or if you were addicted to them before the cryo sleep thing, you could use them.Also the addiction trait should have a choice on what your addicted to, and it could wear off if you don't use them for a long time (10-14 days), but if you don't get your fix you get like headaches, clumsy, nausea, all that stuff.
5.Size of backpacks. I want be able to find a little kids backpack and just wear it:)
Also you could make a makeshift backpack out of a piece of clothing, string, and a medium sized branch, Right?
6.Mercenaries and party members... Mercs should cost a lot to hire and be hard to find, party members, mainly if you save them or Befriend them, you should be able to ask them to help you to scavenge, or

Spoiler: Highlight to view
help you fight the merga Wraith, when you take off the amulet from your neck, although i don't think you'd need it because he's so easy to kill

7.Rain catcher?
8. More in depth hunting.
9. Urinating and Bowl movements, would only take one or two actions but... yeah.
10.Horses? You should be able to find it on a farm or something,(or at least it's body).
11.Alert mode... and being able to snipe from towers in the town hexes.

All right then, leave me suggestions and please tell me to got to your forum idea page thing if you don't wanna copy paste the entire thing to the reply thing.

More new Ideas.

1. Sanity Meter or Maniac Trait. Cause spending too much time in the wild too long can take its toll(and resorting to cannibalism, and the maniac trait explains it self mostly
2.Happiness meter? Like if you keep eating the same thing over and over again you start to get bored of it, so try to get diversity or you'll get unhappy and eventually go insane =)
Way to counter-act it would be to implement spices or something or group stuff together to make a meal or something, cause somethings taste WAY better when coupled with spices or other foods and stuff, also, being able to dry and salt meat, it makes you thirsty but lasts way longer.
Fuel Should Be really Hard to find but REALLY worth it. And homemade fuel?
4.Being able to store items and not getting the hex wiped, BUT the only way you can is if you can either put them in a storage bank or conceal them, like putting a bag full of goodies up a tree, or digging a hole and storing your stuff in there, or in a hollow log or put them up a high tower. But, there should be a visibility rating on each of them, say a high tower, if they search long enough they'll find it and underground they won't have a clue. Also putting a back pack in a tree wouldn't be that hard, but digging a hole would require some sort of digging tool and at least 6 turns (spaces)
5. Appearance, NPC trading and generosity.
Appearance. If you have horrible hair, your ugly (should be a new trait) your smelly, dirty( Tying in to the bathing thing)
I don't think people would wanna talk to you...
So you could cut your own hair which would help if you just cut it REALLY short or got a good hair cut from a barber in Detroit
You could wash yourself and your clothes and you'd be fine.
NPC Trading. Out in the wild you find someone you ask to talk and you trade with them.
Generosity. if your a guy with a multi tool and a hospital gown you'd think someone MIGHT be nice to you.


I really like some of these ideas. Also there is a way to make clothes into rags just craft them you will get 5 dirty rags and 5 small string

"I cry when angles deserve to die"

Thanks for telling me


I like the idea of a compound or at least a combo or key safe you could buy. Also if sneaking is not a skill I think it should be a result of having tracking and hiding and would be a movement option in the world map that would take twice as many moves as normal walking but would give you the advantage of being less likely to be noticed, leave less tracks, and have a percentage chance if you engaged in combat while in stealth mode you would be hidden from their sight. Additionally in combat if the enemy cannot see you there should be a stealthier option of sneaking up on the enemy and stealth attacks that have higher critical hit chances.

I am really getting tired of Merga Wraith killing me.