A few ideas

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A few ideas

Advanced treatment system . For example, when a bullet hit her I had to extract . And it would have brought pain 0.5
Or arrows, if caught , it would have to retrieve them 2 times. With no pain 0.5 Tough. The first time a character would be pierced it myself (because if you draw them out yourself at once , it can damage important organs of life ) , and the second time and removed the broken back.
To using duct tape could fix the butt of firearms, bow and many items ( Yes, pretty primitive ) .
To ketchup can be used for food, and this would increase its satiety somewhere on food_satiety*0.25 or something that . And now ketchup useless.
KSAT would like to had a skill and chemistry character could mix the reagents . It would also be interesting to disease amnesia (Randomly would disappear from the map of the passed cells) .
Would like to see people were scared of rifles and shotguns . That even if they were uncharged , they still would often give up . Some example simply would not have believed or couple . If the two of you after getting into one , they would both give up. This is a great item rolepleya .
You can still be done so that the combination of two identical objects + Multitol, one of them ( with the best record condition) has been resolved .
To lay the note in cities instead of crafting recipes . And they themselves were crafting recipes would rarely if Scavenge.
And by the way I thought about hygiene. I completely understand if it sounds stupid when it comes to the soul, that had to wash the character. But the clothes would cost sometimes wash . I suggest adding hygiene for clothes. The longer wearing and doing what some exercises , the faster it deteriorates. Wash could be anything but sterelizated water more efficiently. Bad smell would attract a lot more like monsters , and animals like deer vice versa.
And it would be cool to add a beard, always dreamed to grow a beard)
Thank you for the beautiful game . And good luck ;)