Thoughts About the Merga Wraith

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Thoughts About the Merga Wraith

Okay, so this is complete conjecture, but I've been stalking the forums a bit, learning all I could about the Merga Wraith and it got me really interested. This is my first post by the way, so hi everybody! :D Anyway, I saw that you could use the indian tribal beads to keep the spirit at bay. Thus, I think that the wraith (if it ever gets more backstory) will have a large Native American origin, though much might not be explained about it. It would even be hard to tell at even that point what creature it could be from Native American mythology, but my guess would be the thunderbird.

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They were believed to be able to shapeshift into humans. (though in the myths, they were so well disguised that they were able to get married and have the children. Might be why the Wraith wants a hug so badly.)

Now, here comes the crackpot conspiracy part of me coming out:
What if, in a previous life, Philip Kindred angered one of the spirits of Michigan. The details of his death, this past life/self, etc are not known, and was cloned and placed into a cryo-chamber some time before Michigan went to hell. This would not only explain the Wraiths odd obsession for hugging Philip, (They must be Kindered spirits bad-um-tss...... That was bad.) but would also at least give a motive to the Wraith. Who knows, maybe Philip was even trained/was one of the Native Americans of the region. Could even have something to do with the general collapse of state regarding Michigan anyway. It would definately be interesting if only the Michigan area was destroyed due to supernatural activity and disease...

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This whole thread could be considered a "Spoiler" that said...

I think the Merga Wraith is a variation of skin walker, which has ties to native American tribes as you suggest. Its hard to say for sure though since it has the fear of copper... (if you want to looking into the "Skin walker" more I suggest looking though wiki's or venturing to creepy-pasta).

I imagine as the story unfolds and more is written we will learn more, I also expect it to be made harder to kill and for it to be an eventual story plot event to fight him (it?). Either that or it could just maintain its position as one HUGE metaphor.

Fearing the past, your mistakes, the darkness that lies within; all that fancy plot line stuffs that good writers know about.

Like I said though time will tell.

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