Am i ready to go hunt Dog men?

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Am i ready to go hunt Dog men?

This is my character

I say get more ammo and more clean rags maybe some armor, and food/water as well

I was trying to get some armor from a dmc guard but i got shot to death =( sadly

I assume you have Ranged skill?
If yes, then 2 shotguns aren't necessary
exchange one shotgun for a Compound Bow
That way you always can make more ammunition from junk
Paper+string+small branch+glass shard/screws&bolts=arrow
Use items of condition 51%+, that way any arrow will last for 2 shots
Wait for dogman in open field, as it close in start filling it with arrows (at range 15)
If dogman gets into melee range use shotgun
If dogman passes out, go closer and finish the job with crowbar (no need to waste ammunition)

Hope it helps

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

I just use a broad spear plus melee and strong skill and keep dancing around them

I am really getting tired of Merga Wraith killing me.