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hex wipe option

I hate clicking on every little item in a hex to clear it out - but I do it, because I like knowing that when I see a gold-lined box on that hex later, I'll know it wasn't because meat degraded or a looter picked something up. I also have every intention of not sharing anything I find, or even refuse to take, with any other looters. Killing them's not my style - I just want them to starve to death.

To this end, it's save a lot of time if there was an option to perform "housekeeping" -for destroying all the non-geographic items in a currently occupied tile. How's that sound?

Reloading as a combat option would be reassuring, too. Not often necessary, but realistic.

You can reload by accessing your inventory, if you can't then hide behind cover first.

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The option to burn a hex would be handy. Or a way I would kinda consider redneck in a apocalypse although would never happen in game... NUKE IT.

I totally agree. I also think it makes the game take longer to load each turn, because after you find hexes they start spawning scavenging locations. after you've explored like half the map ending each turn starts to take noticeably longer.

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I agree that should be some kind of wipe hex button

I am really getting tired of Merga Wraith killing me.