Realistic survival firearms

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Realistic survival firearms

Hey guys I will thinking some simple common Realistic survival firearms would be a good idea this my list

A small .22 caliber that is really common and light 1.13 kg is a semi-automatic and has a standard 8-round magazine. The U.S. Air Force used it as a pilot and aircrew survival weapon because how small and light and reliable it is.

The SKS is a Soviet semi-automatic carbine chambered for the 7.62×39mm 3.85 kg (8 lb 8 oz) round very cheap and strong A blade-type bayonet come with it so it could be used as a close up weapon has a 10 round built in mag

91/30 mosin nagant
bolt-action, internal magazine-fed, military rifle. 4 kg (8.8 lb) really really common and long lasting and could be drop and thrown around.
can have a scoope on them and could have a bayonet on it too.
People make a Mosin Nagant sawed-off version called a Obrez

Ruger 10/22
A cheap .22 like AR7 but even more common and at 5 lb (2.3 kg) its a great small game rifle 10-round rotary magazine very very customizable everything on it, Sights trigger stock etc.

New England SB1-11C

Its a single shot 12 Gauge shotgun its 5 to 6 lbs but the best thing about a single shot that they make Shotgun Chamber Adapters that let you shoot all kinds of rounds like .22 9 mm .45 .357 .410 and much more

Hi-Point Carbine 4595

The Hi-Point carbine is a .45 caliber small light firearm (4095) 7 lb (3.2 kg) it has a 10-round (15-round available) detachable box magazine its really common and very easy to carry. strong and reliable.

Thats all the ones I could think of anyone have any thing to add please post

Suggesting "Tranquillizer Gun"

Thanks for Reading.
By Takanori Kiririn

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That sounds like it'd work, it could give opponents the Sedated status effect, and their tiredness plummets, same for enemies too, it can be offset with Corn-Cola and/or caffeine pills (Which separately raises energy temporarily.)


Realistic (barring the name in few cases to avoid legal issues) firearms are meant to be the main (though by no means lone) dish of NEO Scavenger ranged combat course, and a few already available guns are based on what you can find IRL. It may be a bit before we get a few new ones, but probably by the end you'll be able to find something satisfying, if you cannot already.

Chiappa Triple Threat is a simple new shotgun
that is a 3 barrel shotgun. it is very rugged tuff and cool looking.
you can have 3 kinds of ammo in it. and it can be made in to a handgun shotgun

Maybe they should add a 9mm Beretta or some Glock for the DMC guards, as it makes it look more believable (DMC guards running around with 1911's don't fit right with me.)

Maybe an assault rifle for the DMC guards too, like the M4A1 or the M16A4/M24 for the DMC Snipers.

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The 1911 is one of the most common guns in the world. It is also cheap, and reliable. Further, the higher .45 Caliber makes sense as a combat firearm. quite frankly, not only does the DMC guards using the 1911 make sense, it makes far more sense than using a less reliable and smaller caliber firearm.

Well, there is a .45 caliber glock, a 10mm glock, .357SIG glock, a .40 mm glock, and a .380 glock. and that's just the glock.

Although, I'm not dissing the 1911, I've used one before, and it was great, It would just make more sense (to mea) for them to use a more modern gun.

I only cheat a little bit guis

I'm not to sure what the standard is for police issued firearms but if your looking for realistic survival weapons they would probably be the most plentiful.

so like a glock?

Springfield Armory M6 Scout

The m6 scout is amazing gun, it is a 22 LR or .22 Hornet /.410 Bore surreal over and under survival rifle/shotgun its light strong small and simple. Issued to U.S. Air Force aircrew from the late 1950s until the early 1970s for if they crashed and need to hunt and defended themselves from bears and other things. The only downfall that is it only holds 2 shots which is good for saving ammo but bad if you are using it in combat. It is used by bushman and other wood men like Les Stroud and Dave Canterbury.

I think that having a 1911 make sense afterall the game is set in the U.S. but I think that some other handgun like the beretta 92 or the glock would be more appropriate mainly because of the low reliability of the 1911 when in poor condition and even for the greater availabity of 9mm bullets compared to the 45.

I am not sure you are familiar with the 1911, the 1911 is one of the most reliable handguns in the world, still used to this day by military forces worldwide, and the .45 round is almost as common as the 9mm from what I understand, and has vastly superior stopping power. DMC guards would likely quit en masse if their .45 caliber weapons were swapped for some 9mm pea shooter that would likely be unable to even hurt a dogman. The .45 caliber 1911 is a perfect sidearm for the DMC guards as it is simple reliable, and has enough stopping power to make a dogman think twice, then fall down seizing when the guard puts a bullet in it's dome.

This is not to say that I oppose adding 9mm firearms, I think they could be interesting, however, making the guards have 9mm firearms does not make sense, as the guards are NOT law enforcement, they are a private paramilitary organization tasked with patrolling the area near the DMC and protecting the DMC gates against attack.

You are right I'm not familiar with 1911 and I'am a civilian so I don't really know much about the military either but I have family who is military and I have even tried the 1911 for a day. It is an excellent gun concerning precision and handling but (this is reguarding the civilian version the military one you talk about are probably built differently) it is a fact that the gun is prone to jamming when not properly mantained (wich is also normal for most civilian pistols) but considering the setting where you will spend much time in the wilderness the gun is going to get dirty and you will probably be unable to clean it regularly a fact that will inevitably cause your gun to fail one way or another. Again I am talking about civilian version of the gun the military one probably is built with more loose tollerances and treated with anti sand or dirt coating. You have a good point concerning the caliber though but I've heard that in the U.S.(I'm not American so I apologize If I say something wrong) there are ammo like hollow points and such that should help in that regard afterall dogmans don't wear body armor so any bullet who focus more on damaging tissues is going to work.

You are correct that some Civilian issue 1911 pistols are prone to jamming, however, from what I understand the military version has a simpler firing mechanism, making it less prone to jamming, and easier to clean, breakdown, and repair.

As to Dogmen, I would rate shooting a dogman as about par with shooting a bear, if you shoot a bear in the head with a hollow-point, the round will likely wound them, but be largely unable to penetrate the brain case. Further, from what I understand their hides are tough and leathery, which further makes them a difficult target to put down and keep down. So for a lethal headshot, a tissue oriented bullet would be useless, further, the tissue oriented bullet would be slightly less effective against organ shots as well, due to bone density. Meaning a round with superior penetrative force would be beneficial in killing a dogman quickly.

I think we are actually overestimating the dogmens strength I mean in the lab a character with both strenght and combat skill could easily take him down by slamming its head against the floor now I think that while durables they cannot be compared to bears so I think that an hollow point to the head would do the trick. About the 1911 I think that while it should be included in the game it shouldn't be a weapon for the DMC guards even for the small capacity of the clip, while I was at the range yesterday I spoke with a soldier who was trying his new pistol and told me that while guns are beautyfull they are hardly usefull in a combat enviroment, he even made me an example of a tactical situation where you would use your sidearm like when your gun jam and you need to lay suppressing fire while moving to cover. He added that guns are more difficult to train with compared to rifles and when I asked about the 1911 he said that during ww2 it was the best gun a grunt would want but now it is simply too old to be used on the field. He then added that special forces use pistols more for close quarters but he wasn't one of them so he couldn't tell me.

Actually, No, with Strength and Combat Skill, you can break his spine on a door-jam by slamming into him with all your considerable strength, and utilizing leverage, and from the description, it takes multiple blows against the door jam to cause the dogman's spine to break. That does NOT sound like a normal creature, anything else should have been dead in the first blow being pinioned between the proverbial rock and hard place. If you use only Strengths, or Only Melee, you wind up in this protracted struggle where you have to hold the thing down for over a minute choking it [strength] or after multiple blows that any one of which should have been lethal to a human, you finally manage to drop the thing, again by going after the spine and snapping it's neck. [Melee] Everything I have seen in game has shown me that the dogmen are beyond tough, seriously, even on fully armed and armored characters, with major ordinance at my back, I commonly can lose a battle to a SINGLE dogman. Usually, I have to use penetrative rounds [FMJ] to rapidly put a dogman on the ground and keep it there. Or I have to use Lure, Create Obstacle, and every other combat ability I have in order to keep the dogman off of me long enough to be able to Melee Surge him with my broadspear enough times the damned thing actually dies. I am basing my understanding of Dogmen off of my considerable in-game experiences on the subject. I personally find the Dogmen to be the best enemy in the game, because even in the late game, they make you sit up and stare when you wind up in a fight with even one or two dogmen, even if you have full DMC kit, a long coat, and Hunting Rifle full of bullets with bullets to spare. Even that well equipped, I sometimes still flee from dogmen, as they are that fucking durable, sometimes, your bullets are not enough to keep you from being tackled by the dogman and mauled to death.

Honestly I never heard of a man strong enough to break a bear spine even with the leverage you are talking about besides you have to take into consideration that you are even able to drag a dogman body with you if you are strong. What I'am trying to say is that in my opinion dogmen are exactly what their name means man sized dogs or wolfs this mean that any bullet designed to damage animals or tissues would probably be enough to hurt them seriously and may I ask you what skill your character has? mine has strength, fighting, thougtness and ranged. While I have to agree the more than 3 dogmen can be a pain in the ass they are hardly that dangerous if taken one on one. once I fought with 3 of them with only my meat cleaver and come out with 3 nice dogmen coats with just some scratches and a moderate bleeding wound. So unless I have been ridicously lucky (a real possibility by all means) I don't think that dogmen are that much of a threat if taken with good traits and weapons and within reasonable numbers. Talking about weapons I think that we should focus more on longarms than pistols. Like I said in my other post professional soldiers rarely get to use their sidearm so I think that some assault rifle with good reliability in poor maintenance condition (I can only think about the ak as I don't really know much about assault rifles) or some shootgun with the same specifics would be more fit for the condition the DMC guards have to operate in. Talking about pistols I think that either a glock or a Beretta or any high capacity pistol in either 9.19, 45 or 357 would probably do the trick.

I think a m16 would be really rare and is ammo.


It would make sense to have more standard-issue weapons in the game. I don't care that much either way since it would have minimal impact on gameplay (this isn't an FPS, afterall) but it would be logical. 9mm pistols (particularly Glock 17 or 19, SIG P226 or P229, and Beretta 92) see much greater use in modern times than .45 ACP. 9mm is the NATO standard pistol/SMG cartridge, making it one of the most common in the world after the .22LR--which is by far the most common cartridge in the world and also seemingly absent from this game. Then again, 9mm is similar to .38 Special, which is already available in-game.

There are many rifles and associated cartridges which could fit into this setting, but most of them are either combat-oriented (making them less common in a post-apoc urban scavenger setting) or would be basically redundant with the current .308 hunting rifle. My vote for a probable combat-oriented rifle would be the AR-15 chambered in 5.56x45mm. 5.56mm is the NATO standard carbine rifle cartridge and is also in widespread use among police and civilians. 5.56mm rifles would weigh significantly less than the .308 hunting rifle or a 12-gauge shotgun, but do less damage per bullet. 5.56mm ammo should also be more common than .308 rounds.

Remington Model 700
bolt firing action
(8.09 lbs) empty without rifle scoped
The rifle chambered for .308 Winchester cartridge as the most common cartridge made for it.
amazing rifle very simple and very strong.
3, 4, 5, 6-Round internal magazine.