[v0.983b] (might be bug might be design decision) Detroit Guards

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[v0.983b] (might be bug might be design decision) Detroit Guards

So I had been able to talk to a few guards at one point and while they weren't the friendliest they generally didn't mind me being around, I had recently before the beta update had been sleeping in a nearby building outside of the DMC Electricity output buildings (1 tile away from them to be exact) and one night while sleep I woke up to some noise, I ended up spotting the guards and they immediately shot me killing my character.

Is this a bug or do they just not like people slumming it out so near the city?

I Would also like to know. I've had the character killed in his sleep by the guards about three or four times now.

That is a known and reported bug that should be fixed in the upcoming test build of the game. What happened, basically, was that guards A.I. could not find correct moves when encountering sleeping/unconscious players and was choosing random moves, sometimes including attacks.

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Thanks for responding expressly. I've seen it reported but I didn't see an explicit acknowledgement that the attacks while sleeping was a bug and not a feature. Hey, I mean, it's a dystopian sci-fi city. For all I know, vagrancy is punishable by summary execution.

Yeah, I just had a similar experience. I'd just saved up enough to buy eye augs and night vision, and I guess there were multiple guards sitting on the Gate 11 tile because when I left DMC I was immediately forced into combat with three guards. My first turn I tried to offer a ceasefire but they immediately opened fire and I never got a second chance to ask if they'd stop shooting me.

EDIT: Sounds like that's a different bug then? I'm wondering if I offered a ceasefire to the first target but the others shot me, or if they shot me before I got the chance to offer a ceasefire and stunned me (though I may be misremembering how that mechanic works).

"EDIT: Sounds like that's a different bug then?"

I'd say so, but I've seen your bug as well. In a previous report, I speculated that one might be able to end an encounter with shoot-first guards by "offering ceasefire" to the leader. I have now tested this and successfully ended an encounter by "offering ceasefire" to a leader on the first turn, but the other two guards present opened fire on that first turn. (Since the encounter ended, I managed to survive the wounds, only to be killed in my sleep by the guards when I later tried to heal)

Thanks for the response, I ended up losing my best play to it, a fully augmented man who beat a dogman to death with his feet. Wasn't exactly a fitting end to his life but oh well, new game time :P

Just to add to the above (since I had the same problems with sneaky, sneaky DMC guards killing me while I sleep), they would attack randomly since they have no idea who it was (i.e. me) that they were shooting at, and saying "Hello" in the dark was apparently a bad idea (maybe they were just surprised to see me).

If you do manage to "offer ceasefire" and they stop, the script remembers that a fellow guard was shooting at me in a previous encounter and hence continue to shoot on site, even though I offered a ceasefire and never attacked in the first place during the first encounter.

Thought you would like to know. Nowadays, I get killed by a stray shot of a DMC guard than anything else.

The new 0.984 test build should hopefully help with this. However, be aware that using an old save game might have wonky faction standings, if you decide to go that route.

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