Make the player survive winter, and other ideas.

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Make the player survive winter, and other ideas.

Lemme start by saying: I love you for making this game. You're brilliant and deserve to make lots of money.

Anyway, not sure if the winter thing would work within the structure of the game (would creating a season dynamic be possible?); if not, create a quest that triggers winter, and the player has a count-down warning during which they'll need to stock-pile food. A text screen could pop up to give player a cue to know fall is over (something like, "the skies turn a thick ashy gray--it looks like snow.") Then add 'lightly snowing' and 'blizzard' as weather conditions.

Other thoughts:

1. Allow the player to find seeds and set up farmland (you'd have to defend the food source during autumn when vegetables are almost ready for harvest). You'd also have to find jars and empty containers to store food for winter.

2. Allow the player to find a variety of safes and lock-boxes to safely store goods that don't fit in campsite.

3. Crafting Idea: rain-catching device.

4. Someone on here mentioned the idea of a water-carrying camel--love that idea. Here's another thing to consider with that: allow the player to fit the camel with a strap for the shoulder opposite rifle/crowbar.

5. Gear ideas: Socks? Thermal underwear? Snowshoes? Skis? (Those factor into the winter survival thing.) The way the game is now, I find that if I have a hoodie and a few shirts, I never have to worry about temperature. To make gameplay more challenging, there could be severe temp drops later in the game that force well-equipped players to pay careful attention to their body temp.

6. Took this idea from Darkwood: should be able to board up shelter and fortify for defense bonuses.

7. Agree with others: a level-up system with point distribution would make this game even more like crack-cocaine.

8. Love the direction you're taking with encounters. Would be cool to have other people in your party (wouldn't be over-powered, perhaps, because you'd have to feed them).

9. Quest idea: escort helpless person somewhere--could make for an interesting dynamic/challenge.

1. There won't be farming.
3. Often suggested, will probably come (not sure though).
4. Pets are unlikely to be implemented.
5. You can already die due to a heat stroke with existing gear. ;-)
7. Won't come, not having a level-up system is a core feature.
8. Nope, but will probably be implemented in NEO Scavenger 2 (if part 1 generates enough profit to finance a sequel).
9. Personally, I don't like escort quests, they are prone to bugs and often fail due to AI stupidity rather than bad player decisions.

And +1 for the rest.

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4. I think he meant the camelback water backpack, as having a real, live camel fitted with a strap and attached to the player's shoulder makes a little sense :D

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You're probably right, but that is for noobs, I'd prefer a 3 gallon bottle in a Yukon backpack.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

Soda drinking hat for the win.

Same here mate. I am tired of all these little bottles that never seem to quench my thirst. I mean where in the world is there just a bunch of 250 ml water bottles and soda bottles? Where are the 500 ml or 1 liter bottles?

I am really getting tired of Merga Wraith killing me.

Agreed somewhat on farming with the way the game is now. Especially since players with either botany or trapping can essentially farm berries and squirrels. But my argument would be if there was I would usually not be worth it as you have to last long enough to harvest them and you would have to protect it constantly from starving raiders and dogmen.

I like most of the ideas, and I know this isn't a farming sim, but as far as the game goes as a post apocalypse survival game. You may want to set up camp some where, put down a few berry bushes, a hidden camp and the like.

i not really against farming, if creator plan to put in more recipe for cooking other then just roasting meat
i would like meat+veg even in game instead of meat only
so farming would definitely be on interest

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