Ability to put notes on world map

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Ability to put notes on world map

Sometimes there might be places that I want to revisit, like a steralized watersource, or place with loot that I might want to come back for to see if it's still there. It is pretty hard to remember where what is though. So the ability to put personal notes on game map --- Or, if it is too hard to do, let us know the hex grid coordinate --- would help alot.

.....Actually, come to think of it, a crafting recipe for a compass item that tells you the current hex coordinate?

Sorry for necroing with my first post, but I actually would like to revive this idea, maybe using the map item encounter to add text or information about the current hex to the world map?

Maybe there could as well be the option to make notes yourself, using paper scraps, creating items similar to the recipe paper slips.

Would require the feature to insert text somehow, I guess it's a feature that is not that easy to add.
But, oh boy, would it make survival easier!

Maybe it's doable through modding??
I'm new, so I don't know what mods can do and what not...

(I just wanted to leave Detroit for the day, going looting and getting new water supplies, when I realized, I forgot which of the 2 closest water resource hexes had a river and which was a marsh. Try and error...)

Well, for the time being there is still the old school real life notepad next to the computer or tabbing to the virtual notepad... the first being somewhat and the latter being incredibly inconvenient.

But nonetheless: I enjoy this great game a lot!

I found other threads with similar ideas and approaches:
Journal Idea: actually a notebook would be pretty nice instead of or in addition to notes.
The "now what" problem: Anyone with ideas?: I like the idea of having preexisting notes with hints or pseudo-hints
Manual hex camp icon: Actually, maybe the right-click method is in place now, but could (as mentioned) extended by adding the items on that hex to the tooltip or something like that

still means there has to be an input method...