Playtesting and Last-Minute Bugs

I spent some more time testing 0.984 today, and I'm looking for any last-minute, critical bugs. So far, things are pretty smooth, though there's still a large list of minor issues.

One of the bigger issues I encountered today was that the "buzz off" conversations were always triggering, even interrupting combat (and then returning to combat). I added a flag to make sure these only occur if the battle ends via ceasefire+talk offer.

I also ran into a few bugs in encounters. One random encounter had missing choices, and I noticed some game data was corrupted for the DMC Bank encounter. It turns out I was breaking the 255 character limit in some encounter branches where there were many choices spidering outward from a node. I switched the data field to a larger limit, and that seems to be better now.

Finally, I couldn't resist fixing the bug folks are calling "cargo-ception" or "pantseption." In 0.983, it's possible to store cargo pants in cargo pants, recursively. There are a couple ways I can fix this, including changing pocket size, and flagging the pants as an invalid item for pants containers.

However, I decided to try a little-used feature I added a while back: custom item sizes when empty vs. full in each storage mode. I changed the pants/shorts to be 3x4 when they are stored with items inside, instead of the old 3x3. If they're empty, they're still 3x3. This way, players can put cargo pants inside other cargo pants, but that's the end of the line.

Despite many tests, I'm still unable to repro the NaN bugs I've heard of, nor the campsite emptying/switching. It's possible they were fixed by some other changes I've made recently, or maybe they rely on a random variable I haven't hit. In any case, this build should hopefully represent a more stable version than 0.983. So I think I'll begin work on uploading 0.984 as the new test version, and make 0.983 the official beta (since that has less-serious bugs than 0.982).

Hopefully, we'll see these as soon as tomorrow!


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As stable as it might be, if you release 0.983b as the primary Steam version please at least make sure to include the fix for cargo pants appearing huge at certain resolution settings.

That bug is that hilarious, but there'd be no end to the forum posts and threads rushing to report it over and over again!

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That's true. However, to do so, I'd have to revert my source code and data files back to 0.983 to make just that change. It'd mean creating and uploading a new build, which is untested. And that scares me :)

The inflated cargo shorts bug might be really noticeable, but it's also really minor. Players can just wear any of the other 3 pants types to avoid the issue. I'll get lots of repeat bugs, it's true. But I'd rather have repeats of that bug report than something like "unforseen game breaking bug X."

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Then maybe skip making 0.983 official altogether... 0.984 is mostly a repair stuff anyway and can go official after a week if there will be no more big new bug. Skipping a build that is known to be buggy will be more user friendly, I think.

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Yeah, you guys are probably right. I'm probably trying to rush things again!

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