Still Camping...

Posting a bit early tonight, as I'm wrapping up in a few minutes. We have plans this evening. In town. With people. ACTUAL HUMAN CONTACT.

One thing I definitely don't do much, now that I'm an indie, is get out. In fact, the last time I went anywhere was a week ago, and that was to mail postcards. So tonight should be a nice change: happy hour at a pub in town!

Back to business: progress continues on player camp. I just figured out a system for remembering which camps have been used in which hexes. I'm hoping I can use this not only for the player, but also AI. We'll have to see if the data storage goes nuts or not, but I think it should stay slim if AI doesn't go campsite searching every move.

I also did some rewriting of the status bar code, since the camp status bars exposed some poor designs in the engine. With that finished, it was much easier to hook up the camp variables to the bars for player feedback. They're now fully reporting camp stats, and applying them to the player when camp is selected.

Finally, there was a pretty big change to the container data. Formerly, items specified which containers they fit into by listing the containers' IDs individually. This was fine when the item list was small, but these days, adding a new container type means dozens of items need updating. It was a bad system design, so I changed it. Now, the game recognizes item types, such as liquids, tiny objects, larger objects, fire, etc. Each container specifies which types of objects it accepts, and each object specified which type it is. The code is much cleaner, and the data is much easier to maintain. It made adding campsites much easier, especially since campsites can contain a long list of items. You may notice a few items fitting into new containers in the next build, as a result. Hopefully, it'll make them more consistent and logical.

So that about does it for today. Still no new builds, obviously. It's going to take a few more days to sort out the camp discovery system, make AI know how to use them (or loot them), as well as testing them in save games. Plus, with the end of the month here, I should probably do some financial accounting. Not the most exciting task, but I gotta do it if I want to afford groceries :)

Hope you have an awesome weekend, and see you Monday!