Manual, Conversations, and Fixes

Hey Folks!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Though it was a long weekend here, it felt too short. At least we had a nice turkey dinner on Sunday, though! (No occasion. Turkey was just on sale, so wine and turkey night!)

Bernd recently worked on a manual for NEO Scavenger, and I finally got that hooked up to the site. Previously, the wiki link on the main nav pointed directly to Wikia, where players have been maintaining tips and gameplay info on NEO Scavenger.

Instead, the Wiki link now points to a How to Play page on this site, and that page includes both a link to the NEO Scavenger Wiki and the new PDF manual. Readers of the wiki will likely recognize much of the PDF manual, as Bernd based the manual on that info. However, he did his best to format it for easy offline reading, as well as removing anything too "spoilerish."

The result is that we now have both a website and downloadable manual for NEO Scavenger, as well as full-disclosure and non-spoiler versions. Hopefully, this helps new players. And thanks, Bernd!

Back in the realm of game code, I made some changes to NPC conversations today. I changed the way ceasefire works so that players still get a "buzz off" conversation from the NPC if the player offered to talk. This way, it should be clearer what happened at the end of combat, rather than simply ending combat and having to check the message log.

With that change, I decided I needed a few more conversations to cover all the angles. So I worked on a few more of those today, too. (Especially DMC guards.)

Based on some feedback, I also changed the hex map hotkey from Q to TAB, since Q only works when in the items screen. There was an item discharge bug that affected charges inside stacked items, so that should be fixed next build. And finally, I looked into the item-sorting algorithms used by the quick recipes. There were two bugs in there which might've caused more valuable items to be used before less valuable ones, so that should be improved next build, too.

I started doing a bit of testing this evening, and I'm going to see if I can get an 0.984 version up this week. Perhaps I'll promote 0.983 from test to the official beta, and then slot 0.984 as the new test build.

Have a good night, all!