The Darkness in my Soul

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The Darkness in my Soul

Right this is my first AAR for anything so feedback is appreciated. As a foreword, this is a great game and deserves a great deal of praise. Secondly I will be doing another part if anyone is interested. And so enjoy...

My Story...Part One

I woke, trying to keep my breathing even as not to startle an intruder. And there was one. A soft snuffling arose from behind me -as I lay on the ground-interspersed with heavy foot falls. Panic gripped my chest and a sweat broke out on my brow almost immediately. I slipped my hand down inside my sleeping bag and grabbed the penknife on my belt. Fear filled me and I kept trying to think ‘You’re gonna be okay...You’re gonna be okay...’ , desperately trying to convince myself that it was true. I fumbled quietly with the knife, trying to get it to open without alerting the thing behind me. The knife finally flipped out with a quiet ‘Snick’, muffled by the thin material of the sleeping bag. Yet it heard. It drew in a breath, paused and growled. The acid in my stomach was desperately trying to rise out of my mouth and I was breathing fast and hard now, despite my attempts to breath normally. The fear burst out of me in a display of vicious aggression. It wasn't all that impressive. I gathered my legs to leap back and twist my body all in the same motion; screaming as to drive the fear out of me and project it as aggression at my enemy. The sleeping bag tangled my legs, almost tripping me but my foe was so close that my violent swipe hit the beast anyway. It roared at me and leapt backwards out of range, turned tail and ran out of sight. I fumbled on my elbows to see it escaping through the woodland. A flash of white, a small shape-a fucking badger. I nearly died of fright because of a goddamned badger. I felt a hysterical urge to laugh as the fear left me in a rush. ‘BANG’, a gunshot rang out, startling me into silence.
I didn't sleep again that night...

Part Two

(This is pretty graphic, be warned)

I opened eyes that morning that were stuck firmly together with sleep and gunge. I prised my eyes open to see my campsite. There wasn’t a lot to see. Other than my sleeping bag-with my backpack tucked into the bottom to keep thieves out-was a campfire, long burnt out. The arms of the fir or pine or whatever it was, surrounded me and gave a little protection from the rain. The low autumn poked gloomily through the veil of soft rain that drenched the forest. I stood up and stretched and said aloud,

‘Just another day in Paradise, huh.’

Without further ado I rolled my sleeping bag into my rucksack and along the towards the rising sun along the deer trail I had come along yesterday. There was no breakfast. After a half an hour walk I came to a single track tarmacked road. We called them ‘B roads’ were I came from. I turned right. Northwards. I recalled the words of the man in the megacity, far to the south ‘There be the broken ones there.’ He spat his wad on the ground. ‘Bad un’s, stay away if you want to live.’ I had ignored his dire warning, in the hope that others had, leaving me with an opportunity to find something they would happily pay for. The rain grew harder and the wind stronger, lashing my face, grown lean and hard. I had been nearly been wiped out last winter. By fortune I had found a cabin. I didn’t leave it for three months, simply so I didn’t freeze. A scream jolted me from my muse. I grabbed my penknife from my pocket, still smeared by badger blood. I flicked the blade open and placed it carefully in the back of my belt. The road ahead was blocked with two abandoned cars that formed a chicane, the narrow road flanked by dense thickets of brambles, hazel and thorns. The reason for the scream became evident as I looked closer, a man in the leather jacket and pants round his ankles was thrusting away with his hips at a woman, half hidden by the mass of the car. His accomplice stood by holding a long wrench and leering at the woman on the ground. The woman struggled again and the man raping her slapped her across the face,

‘Shut up bitch and enjoy it.’ he jeered laughing all the while.

He slapped her once more, blood trickling down her face from the multiple wounds. I stopped and turned away. Not my problem.

‘Hey you, come here you sonofabitch!’

Now its my problem. I turned back to the scene that confronted me. The one with wrench was striding towards me, cocky and belligerent. The second thing I noticed was that he was extraordinarily ugly. So therefore Ugly would be his name. Ugly turned back to his friend, and shouted,

‘You finish her off while I deal with him,’ laughing and making crude gestures.

He swaggered closer to me and said ‘Right, you’re going to put that bag down, turn around and fuck off before I kill you.’ His voice rising to shout to intimidate me.

It did. The fear I always have touched me now but I forced it down. ‘No weakness...No weakness...Not now…’ I forced myself to think.

I replied ‘What, you got no cock to fuck her?’ He flushed and I continued,

‘Or are you so flaccid from servicing your mother that you couldn’t get it up?’

He started forwards, swinging his wrench like a club towards my head, right-handed planning to drive my skull halfway into my chest. Fortunately he was Stupid as well as Ugly. I moved, lifting my left hand at angle to push against the inside of his right hand, stepping into his guard. My right hand grabbed the knife handle from behind my back and drove the knife into his stomach. I pushed forward, driving the knife deeper into him, him screaming in agony. He went on to the ground, me on top pulling out the knife and driving it into him, again and again in a frenzy. It felt like hours had passed but it was only moments, when I rose, hot gore splattered over my face.I turned towards the chicane, not even wiping my face, body shaking from the adrenaline.

‘I’ve killed so many people I can’t even count!’ I roared at the rapist as the charged him. I wasn’t lying.

He panicked trying to get away but he tangled himself in his pants falling to the ground. I leapt over the car and kicked him in the head and the stomach causing him to roll up in a ball. I did it again, thinking of him behind that car. And again. And again. By the time I returned to myself, he was dead. Barely recognisable as a human being and with shattered bones on every limb. I sat exhausted on the edge of the car and wiped the gore off my face and turned to the woman.