Repair (Make Mechanical & Elecrical skills usefull)

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Repair (Make Mechanical & Elecrical skills usefull)

I had a realization this morning and it was so obvious, REPAIR!
why cant we repair things, Hey look i got a gun, Nope its broken.
Aw damn that's to bad, NOT!
Repaired it.
Well the thing is The Mechanical & Electrician skill is almost useless, but now you can make it useful!
Mechanical to repair things like gun´s, tool´s, and any kind of metal.
Electrician to repair any kind of electronic, Islab, Phones, night vision goggles.
And even without those skill´s i should be able to repair cloths. except for skin´s need trapping for that.
If its any good please use this idea!

-: with love

I like the idea, but repair should consume something in process
Something like this
Mechanic+Multitool+Small bolts&screws+oil+mechanical item=Mechanic+Multitool+mechanical item(+10% condition)

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

I like this! It's pretty close to what I was thinking - basically, skills + consumables + equipment = better condition equipment.

But this would beg the game to include a gun cleaning kit, or gun cleaning fluid that can be combined with clean rags. Along this line of thinking, even clean rags and sterilized water should count for something in regard to the condition of an item - maybe such an unskilled solution could only increase the condition of a weapon by ~5%, and only once. Or after a clip's worth of shooting. That sounds hard to code. But I would expect that if I had Mechanic and Ranged (and the right materials), then I should very well be able to cannibalize the good parts from two pistols into one great condition pistol and a mess of spare parts.

As for the possibility of increasing the condition of steel melee weapons, I can't see doing much to improve the condition of a multitool beyond something like sharpening the blade with a stone (or a whetstone, if possible). But once you strip the teeth on a wrench, there's no repairing it without industrial machinery.

As for increasing the condition of electronics, what options are there? Most electronics don't have condition percentages. Night vision goggles could benefit a skosh from Mechanic and Electrician, but the service life of an NVD's image intensifier tubes are irreversibly limited.

How about ability to break down firearms with Mechanic and Ranged skills (both are needed)
Then use best parts to assemble better weapon
Like with shopping cart
Let me see if my knowledge is good enough
H.Rifle= barrel+chamber+bolt+magazine+grip&trigger+stock+[anything else I forgot]

Not down to last screw, but only main parts

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Also sounds good! That'd add some serious value to having those two skills.

Seems like it'd be too tedious to go into the process too deeply, both for the player who probably doesn't know the main components of a firearm as well as you do, and on the code/artwork creation side of the matter. If the mechanical knowledge of ranged equipment can be lumped under their respective skills, then it might as well be kept simple, as scope and strap addition has been.

Reducing a cannibalized weapon to the level of "spare [firearm] parts" with a stack max of ~10 rather than separate individual components sounds feasible, though. Fun, even.

I believe one of the moderators previously put down the idea as it would require extensive re-coding to the system for select items to suddenly be able to be 'reversed' into parts. I think from a coding perspective the easier way to go would be to allow two items to be combined provided that you had an appropriate skill and tool. To be honest, I wouldn't mind any kind of mechanic as long as I could repair my equipment.

Yeah, repair has been covered In a pervious post. If the point is being readdressed I'll just like to re-put that rather than create a new item you could always just do what fallout does and put both the items in a crafting table with the trait and a calculation will add the durability to create a signal new item that has a high percentage;. However a mod has discussed this being a long processes to implement so Im not sure repair will be happening ever/soon. I would put hyperlinks but the spam filter goes beast mode. :-)

Yep that should be added but to make sense and balanced it would require additional items to repair and also the right tools (not just a multi tool as it is just one size). But here is the thing though the ability to repair technically already exists in the terms of some weapons and carts. Like with the box cart it's condition is based off of the lowest conditioned part in its construction. To repair with the mechanic skill you first take it apart then replace the lowest grade part with a newer bit in the crafting menu then you put it back together.

I think the basic idea sounds simple enough BUT how much detail you go into is the question.

The easiest option would be the example below;

Item A = Item B
Item A Condition [50%] + Item B Condition [50%] = Item A Condition [100%]

But in reality different parts of an item could be broken, different items could fix each other, and the skill of repairing and knowledge of the gun affects how well anyone could actually fix it. So for Neo Scavenger this implementation is in my eyes a bit poo, and not fitting with the game.

So a more fitting calculation would be to do something like

Step 1: Compare the items parts which fit.
Step 2: Multiplier of skills

Step 1:
Gun A
95%* = Butt
25%* = Grip
100%* = Firing Pin
90%* = Sight
80%* = Magazine
Total = 390%* of 500%*

Gun B
85%* = Butt
75%* = Grip
10%* = Firing Pin
50%* = Sight
12%* = Magazine
Total = 232%* of 500%*

Comparing the guns you can see that taking the parts you need would create Gun A below, which is 40 better..

Gun A
95%* = Butt
75%* = Grip
100%* = Firing Pin
90%* = Sight
80%* = Magazine
Total = 440%* of 500%*

This is too easy because not knowing what you're doing would mean you're likely to break items extracting them, and fitting them so depending on the players skill for electronics, engineering, firearms in general and experience this play a part in how well the parts are fitted an extracted making you think a little bit more if it is worth trying to repair, that said you learn from your mistakes right?

However breaking down items to parts would create a hell of a lot of work! Using guns as an example I can think of eight parts that make up a gun off the top of my head (Butt, Grip, Fore-end, Barrel, Trigger, Firing Pin, Sight, Magazine, and probably more) so we can see how quickly doing something like this for every item in the game makes the work to do this a massive task, especially if you think that the electronic items will have just as many components! Then not every part would fit another gun which adds more complexity.

I would like this to be implemented, a quick fix would be okay but not fitting in the game. I fully understand how any truly Neo Scavenger implementation would take a lot of work and should not be underestimated!

*Please ignore my use of percentages here. I know they are wrong.
** Please ignore my ramblings on my lunch break.

Well as I said before there is already a repair mechanic but only craftable items are repairable. The way repairing works relight now is that the condition of the crafted item is entirely based on the lowest grade part. i.e. If you take all of the ingredients for a box cart and all but one are at 100% condition the end result's condition is of the lowest quality ingredient. It's the concept of the chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

I like the idea of a repair

I am really getting tired of Merga Wraith killing me.

I like Nevadda's idea for this suggestion. It's a great idea to have a repair function in the game, as long as you have the necessary skills and parts needed.

I like the idea of repair for some things, but I don't know how best to implement it.

Ideas for Mechanic:
- Decrease/Avoid building collapses while scavenging (decreases loot some?) – The theory is that you could identify when a building looks sketchy and avoid exacerbating it.

Ideas for Electrician:
- Craft make-shift taser - Needs batteries (charged), screws, pot/can/cleaver (something like this)
- Electric barrier trap for campsite - Cart base + batteries (must have charges) + screws + tool + electrician
- Encounter electric safes while scavenging and only electrician can open them / Same thing with electric doors to open up better campsites in cities

Ideas for Tracking:
- Identify type of footprint (dogman, humanoid, deer, human with vehicle) as well is identify further descriptors, like ‘bleeding’ or ‘limping’ or ‘multiple sets of tracks’
- When in forest, can obscure tracks to look like you moved in a different direction
- When in water, leave no track
- Craftable boot covers to reduce the print left by boots (rags/fur + 2 med string? + tracking?)
- Identifies game trails in forests (allowing use of only one move point instead of 2)
- Reduced move cost of “hide prints” would make it MUCH more useful (half point instead of one)

Ideas for Hiding:
- I’ve heard this one before, but I like the ability to make camouflage for campsites (sticks + med string + hiding?) (in forests only – good for adding to trap shelters and cabins)
- Ability to add a “larder” to a campsite – This adds a small amount of additional storage space that is very difficult to locate for looters

Ideas for Lockpicking:
- If you can pick a lock open, you can pick it closed too right? Lock door in urban campsite to increase alertness and concealment?

Ideas for Trapping (it’s already pretty good though…):
- Spike traps / Leg traps (this has been said before, but it is a neat idea)
- Find snakes for food. Also can take venom to use for poison stuff (often said, along with botany and poison berries/shrooms)

Ideas for Metabolism:
- Gives you an ‘iron stomach’ which allows you consume bad water, poison food and rotten meat with less negative effect (not none though)? Maybe not, but metabolism sucks… (the negative metabolism makes you suffer more?)


Metabolism already kinda does that; you can ingest more questionable foods with less worry, however, no one is completely immune to said effects. if you eat spoiled meat and get Cholera, you'd best wisen up.

The negative Metabolism does the exact opposite; food/water needs to be ingested at every day, and you're more likely to contract sepsis and gastroenteritis.

Ah, I see.

In it's current state, there still seems to be very little reason to take the positive metabolism, and very little drawback to taking the negative one.

Maybe just lump metabolism into tough/feeble?

You have NO idea how easy it is to get poisoned with negative metabolism. You eat 2 bad berries, and you're fucked, drink a little too much of that unsterilized water; Fucked.

With the positive, you're looking at being able to drink pretty much any water ,that's not from the swamp, without sterilization, and eat a couple full steaks without cooking them, without downsides. You try doing that with negative Metabolism, and you're gonna be rocketing around with vomit and diarrhea.

There seems to be some misinformation about how the Metabolism skill/traits work here. That or I'm misunderstanding what you mean.

Neither the skill or trait have any influence on your chances of being poisoned or infected when consuming food or water. They simply modify your food and water bar drain rates, and to a much much smaller degree your healing rate, nothing more.

Dragoonseal is right here, both fast metabolism (red) and slow metabolism (blue) are only affecting food/water consumption and healing rates (very slightly). The skill makes character a little more resilient is Tough.

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Thank you both for taking the time to clarify that.

I often use the negative metabolism trait because I never felt that it was a big enough drawback to seriously consider. It's like an extra free positive trait for me.

Based on this clarification, I will again suggest that metabolism be lumped in with tough. Tough is already good enough, but metabolism isn't in my opinion.

Actually, the system as is is fine for me, but I kind of feel like I'm cheating. Just like how I know I can pop sleeping pills if I need to snooze and can get robo eyes to replace my myopia.

Haha, Woops! That's my bad then for not really testing it out enough. I had rarely ever taken Tough or Metabolism separately. The times I have, I'd either die from poisoning without Metabolism, or die of being beat up without tough. Which just seems to be weirdly contradictory.

I must further test this!