This game is a masterpiece. **Potential Spoilers**

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This game is a masterpiece. **Potential Spoilers**

Ive played for about 20 minutes yet that 20 minutes was unbelievably powerful. I have already got value for my $10.

I cant believe the story this game just generated for me. I escaped the cyro facility to wander building to building attempting to find at least some clothes which I found before the afternoon although shoes were harder to find. The day was spent quickly and my scavanging has produced clothes, a machete, and a bottle of water.

Dusk came and I had just explored the buildings in the vicinity so I decided to head out hoping to find another place to loot before settling down. This was a mistake, I headed too far north and darkness fell before I could get back. Shivvering with the beginning stages of hypothermia I manage to make it back to an abandoned office building.

The raider awoke me at range 5 when I suddenly awoke. He was carrying a bow and I knew this would be no match for my machete. I charged knocked him down hacking at him , hacking bits of flesh off him and causing massive bleeding. I demanded his surrender which he gave by gargling up blood and raising his hand in the universal language of hopeless surrender. I left him to die alone as I gathered up a single tube that used to be a part of a binocular.

The noise of the combat alerted the Raiders friends and I knew that I could not fight them both. Turning to run I managed to flee via the other exit - the raiders swearing at me in pursuit. Fleeing out into the darkness I realised that my pursuers had no light either. I thought that I would be safe until at least morning.

I stumbled blindly towards a a distant light. Early morning was on us as I arrived at what looked like a pub or meeting place. The signs indicated it was a place to eat. A confused answer to a question and a desperate attempt to alter my circumstances resulted in a short trip down a horrible chute. Game Over. I only lived a little longer than 24 hours.

Wow. Just wow. Well done to the developers I applaud you.

You've only scraped the tip of the iceberg, man. [oh and there's only one dev. :D] [oh and one tip, try to keep your scavenging stealthy, at least if you intend on sleeping anywhere near there, it's not so prevalent now with the spawn cap, but being noisy will attract attention.]

Awesome game, isn't it? It gets better with each update, don't worry :)

*Throws IPad and picks up Razer Tablet*