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Slung Crowbar

I would like to make a suggestion for a sling to be able to be affixed to a crowbar. It just makes sense. What I'm not sure about is if it should be able to be placed in the opposite shoulder slot from a rifle. I think perhaps it should take up the same slot as the rifle.

Yes, crowbar and binoculars... I think there's already been some mention/request about allowing a character to craft a pair of binoculars with a rifle sling to allow the binoculars to be worn in a neck slot.


Most definitely.  I agree it should go in the rifle slot.  Very few people are going to go wandering through a treacherous wasteland with a rifle and crowbar slung on opposite shoulders clanging around and banging on their back.  Slinging the binoculars sounds nice too.  Commonly used equipment should be able to be stored outside of a bag, possibly with an encumbrance penalty?

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Why not craft a sling from dirty rags + wire + multitool? two rags for a small sling for binocs or a water canteen, three for a medium sling, and four for a big sling to put on a crowbar or something like that.


That sounds reasonable to me. The binoculars have already been asked for a few times, and it would make sense for a wandering scavenger to try and carry the crowbar some convenient way.I've added slings for both to my list!Also, for the crafting of slings via rags vs. rifle straps, this may be getting into another system I'd like to work on at some point: ingredient substitutions. It'd be nice if I didn't have to think of (and write) in-game recipes for every possible permutation, and instead, I could do a base recipe, and say ingredient X can be substituted by Y or Z.This system would work for any recipes that produced identical outcomes with similar inputs. However, one thing stopping me is reversible recipes. For recipes like the noise trap, where one could logically take it apart again after building it, allowing plastic bottles as a substitute for the tin can means that players could create a noise trap with a bottle, then break it down again into string + a tin can. Seemingly, they will have alchemically created a tin can from a plastic bottle.Ideally, that crafted noise trap would turn back into a few strings and a bottle, and matter would be preserved. But right now, that means I need to create a custom recipe for each combo. Not sure I can think of an elegant solution for this yet.

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I am no coder but could you implement it so that there are hiden recipes or hidden conditions on containers that effect the recipes. Just some thoughts but they might be completly useless.

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I think there are some solutions like that which may work. E.g. I could just record the input items into a crafted item, and use that to produce the components again when it breaks down.However, there are some items which when crafted, can then be used in turn as an ingredient for something else. The rifle with sling, for example, can later have a scope attached. It might get too complex to store a history of ingredients for every item that went into a final product.It's a system I'll have to think about for a bit. Often times, if I let something sit on the "back burner" for a while, a better solution comes to mind :)

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I do not know if your items have unique item ids, but if so, then simply "hiding" components, and pointing to them with an item id of some sort would work, that way the final item only has to keep track of it's own components, and all the components are still keeping track of their sub components.It seems that not storing components in some way though would be a bad long-term option simply because it would prevent you from keeping wear levels on items.  Right now that is not such a big deal due to the items used as components, but it could be in the future. On a related note, do you want bug reports?  I do not see a function or forum to do so.

I see no reason not to have a history of previous uses for things; just have them purged from the memory when/if deconstructed.

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