Embarrassing Death - By a car

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Embarrassing Death - By a car

The man had everything guns ammo food water everything you need to survive a world gone mad and he never thought the smallest mistake could bring you down. I knew the man he always ate at the Red Gnome Diner loved their Cadillac Burgers but one day he decided he comes here enough and he said "Hey you know what im not gonna tip". I was across the street at my shop like usual when I noticed he ran out of the diner scared to death he was struck by a car thrown in front of another like a ragdoll its amazing how many scavengers rushed to his corpse for his stuff not even trying to help him... hell there was no helping him.

-I was killed by a car I did some research on why it happened apparently not tipping makes the cook give you a dirty look next time you visit causing your guy to rush out in a hurry possibly getting struck by a car.

Oh... the glow is Detroit...Great

I'm glad I've always been tipping (and it's not even customary in my neighbourhood -- we pay our waiters for their work, not their smile).

For me its just cheaper to go for the Micro-Nourishment treatment at the medical center, this way I dont have to worry about getting hit by a car...

We either die a survivor, or live long enough to see ourselves eat every DMC guard.

he was not be killed by the car, he was killed by the tip

hill climb racing

What ? I also thought it was killed by the car !

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And I guess just not paying at all is not just how you get exiled from Detroit but you're even more likely to get hit by a car. "Do people still do tips anymore?" Famous last words.

Roses are red,
Been playing so great,
Your whole body is in an inflammatory, 'potentially' fatal state.