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Cook in Style!

By Adding Fruits/Veggie will help on surviving in the wilds
and By Adding few/many Recipes, we might just be able to cook some dishes out of the meat/fruits/veggie.

By Takanori Kirino
Thanks for Reading

Thanks for Reading.
By Takanori Kiririn

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I totally agree! i'm hoping that a future patch will add in a cooking perk that will let us cook things like mushroom stew and things like that. maybe a canning option so that we can preserve food/ store it in cases where we need to hole up somewhere for extended amounts of time.

Berries are yummy :3

I'd really just prefer more ways to store food. Like salting, drying and smoking meat. More wild fruits and veggies would also be a good addition to give more value to the botany perk, which now IMO, is not really worth it. Also more wild animals would be great; Moose, raccoons, ducks and geese, cougars, etc. would be awesome.


Lol botany is one of the most overly useful skills in the game right now. It allows you to find water, know what mushrooms and berries are edible and you can create tea that boosts your immune system if it's weakened. and if the botany ability is used in the woods it's almost guaranteed that you'll find berries, water, and mushrooms. This means it provides the most stable food source outside of trapping without having to carry/use anything to get it.

Berries are yummy :3

with all the berries in the game I keep thinking that you should be able to make jams or jellies with them

I wish there were grapes, we could totally make a wine press out of sticks and throw parties in the woods with raiders :3

*Throws IPad and picks up Razer Tablet*

We have tanning tea, whiskey and cornacolla - meat roasted with one drop of whiskey or tanning tea or water mixed with cornacolla, whiskey and tanning tea will be great idea. I use whiskey as drink sometimes only for roleplay, but it can be used as a base element for other drinks that are not so punishing in use.

Welcome to iron chef wasteland!

Just being able to cook the soup would be nice, doing so would give an improvement to its nourishment and help "heat up" a cold survivor. You would of course need a fire, a fireproof container, and (since its condensed soup) some water.

If you can already, I haven't been able to figure it out... poked around on the wiki even.

Good luck out there P.Kindred's

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