C- store encounter

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C- store encounter

Currently the store clerk does nothing to stop me from emptying cans of creamy crumb and corn-o-cola all over the floor. Maybe there should be an encounter that prevents the player from opening these goods.

-homeless guy walks in
-starts looking around
-starts emptying cola bottles
-"you gonna pay for that?"
-begins to fill empty bottles with soup
-comes to the counter
-"is that all?"
-starts emptying the batteries just for the hell of it...

lol wat?

You're just lucky the Red Gnome Diner management doesn't run this place :)

Seriously, though, I think I just created this "bug" when trying to fix another. One player tried to empty out a container and lost both the money and the container's contents, and I "fixed" it. But now, as you point out, it breaks the realism a bit. In fact, it might've been more realistic before. Albeit confusing.

I can't think of a clever way to make the game recognize this special case, but I do agree with you. At least for now, neither the player nor the game get cheated out of any money :)

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You could make the C-Store just like the Haggerty Health Clinic, by which I mean you purchase items in an encounter-like manner and pick them up off of the 'ground' later. Though I'm not particularly fond of the idea, it would restore some realism, though I suppose there's not much difference, in that you can't sell drugs to the health clinic and we can't sell things to the C-store.

I actually like this idea
Since there are like 6 items anyway.
Such solution would also prevent me from stealing electricity from c-store

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

If you changed the item mechanic to acquiring "traits", then "broken seal" can be used to show that the can or bottle has been opened before, thus ticking off the store employees.

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I think this a point where adding more realism simply isn't worth the effort.

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C-store tripple charges you if you try to drink in the store. I was dying of thirst so I was in a hurry to get rehydrated. I didnt notice at first but then "WTF, man! Why are you charging me $15 per drink on $5/unit of water!?!" Needless to say the clerk didnt refund my money, but he did buy the next two empty bottles back.