Camp Camp Camp...

Work continues on the player camp system. I got a good chunk of the camp inventory screen wired up, and it's now possible to see available campsites for the current hex, as well as the currently selected site's stats and contents:

"Those are some really comfortable trees!"

Right now, all hexes have the same four campsite options. I still need to work out a searching UI to populate that "available campsites" based on user input. And it's only possible to switch campsites using the Take/Drop cursor right now. For now, I'm considering all hexes having a default "first camp site you see" installed, if the player has never been there before. This default site has the worst possible stats, though lots of space to store stuff. Think of it as kind of an extended ground space.

Choosing alternative camp sites (after finding them), adjusts the stat bars and amount of space you see on the above screen. The stat bars figure into player stats such as:

  • affect of rain on comfortable temperature range
  • visibility to AI
  • alertness to AI
  • heal/sleep quality during time spent in the hex

It is not possible to have no camp site installed, it must be swapped for another site (for now, anyway).

I still have to actually hook these stat bars up, and make game turns and AI use the data. But at least you can kind of get an idea where the feature is heading.

Also, keen readers will notice some swanky new inventory buttons on the left. I dropped the text labels, so there would be room for the two new buttons (there are still tooltips to help new users). The first, with the tent icon, is player camp (pictured above). The second is actually a possible new home for crafting. I'm considering breaking the crafting area into its own screen, and trying to get ground items and player skills to show up on the same page. My thinking is that the crafting will be a bit smoother with everything on the same page, though it might mean sacrificing some convenience when using ingredients directly from the player (e.g. one might have to transfer non-skill ingredients to the ground before crafting with them).

If it can be done without making crafting worse, it gives me room on the player items page to expand the ground area, and maybe add future inventory spaces.

I'd also like to see if I can get the ground slot to appear on the player items, vehicle, camp, and crafting screens simultaneously. I think this might make each of those slots easier to use, and transferring of items between them easier. We'll see!

That's it for now. Have a good one!