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v0.983b bugs

I've disocvered a few bugs in the latest version. One of them was in he previous version as well but i never made a bug report on the forum because i thought it would be fixed. Bug number one is that the rest+heal button has gone missing for some reason. It never appears, no matter how hurt i am. It was there when i started the game, but now it's gone. It might have something to do with bug number two. I contracted blue rot over a week ago and am still alive. It is at level 3 but nothing is happening. I got vomiting and a headache at level 2, but they passed. Level 3 has no negative effects as far as i can see. It just sits there in my condition screen, doing nothing. I haven't died or lost any health from it. It's just there. I'm guessing it might have something to do with the skills i have. I actually cheated a bit and hex edited the games executable to allow me to get all the skills and traits with no flaws. Maybe all those skills and traits gave me some kind of huge healing bonus that's preventing the blue rot from killing me. Now obviously some people are going to claim that this isn't a bug and is simply the result of me cheating but it might be affecting people who play the game normally too. Anyway, just thought i'd report this.

Hm, it's hard to say what's happening here. Hex-editing is uncharted waters for me, so I don't know how it affects the game.

The rest button disappears under two conditions:
1 - a creature is adjacent to you
2 - current pain/immune/blood loss is back up to full (or higher)

If your super-character had bonuses that affected medical stats, it might keep that button from appearing normally. (E.g. remaining pain is greater-then-or-equal-to the maximum)

As for the blue rot 3 condition, this normally lasts 72 hours before advancing, so it might be normal that it hasn't changed nor killed you yet. The effects might also be eclipsed by your superpowers.

My policy in cheating is that I'm totally cool with folks doing it, but I may not spend a lot of time on bugs appearing in games where values were hacked. I have more than enough bugs caused by "vanilla" gameplay :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Well i only changed a single byte so i seriously doubt that one little change could cause all these issues. Your XML code appears as plaintext in the exe file when you open it with a hex editor. Specifically, the line that says "column name="aCapacities">6x2</column>" under the "basic human" flaw. I changed it from 6x2 to 6x8 so now each "basic human" flaw has enough space for four traits/skills instead of the usual one, allowing me to get all 16 skills and traits. I don't even want to have to cheat, but i hate the fact that you can't get any of the skills and traits any other way except during character generation. Like athletic and strong for instance. Why can't you get those by working out, like in the real world? Or any of the skills like medicine or botany or melee? Why can't you get those by reading books or attending some school or something at the DMC? This is why i resort to cheating, because i want to have more than four skills/traits but the game won't let me (except eagle eye via the eye surgery). Still, awesome game and i can't wait for future updates.

Anyway, about those bugs. I've had blue rot level 3 for way more than 72 hours, and still nothing is happening. Couldn't you check if some combination of skills conflict with diseases? I also remmeber in the last build, where i also had a super character, i got poisoned one time. And i was able to survive it by resting. I just rested for a few hours and my level 3 poison went away. After that my rest button disappeared, like it did in this build. And currently my rest button doesn't come back even if i lose half my blood. Do pain/immune/blood all have to be below their max for the rest button to appear? Because currently i have half my blood and about half my pain left but my immune is full. Do any other skills or traits beside medicine, tough and metabolism affect the healing rate?

Khaki Cargo Shorts image "explodes" when equipped.

I discovery a bug, at the junk market y put a pacht work hide tunic to the ground mais il n'y avais pas de prix dessus c'étais marquer NaN and after NaN replace the number of my money and i can buy item. I can put my item on the ground but that don.t give me the money and i can't take what i put on the ground because no money. what is the problem. maybe the cause is because i begin this game with V.982 and i continue this game on V.983.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but believe me, as a developer I've made my share of "safe" changes just before uploading a new build, and it turns out they break the whole game. (See the 0.981 debacle in December.) If I get some time to look into it, I will. However, I suspect your superhuman powers are conflicting with the way the game calculates pain/health thresholds, and that's causing the button to disappear.

As for skill growth in-game, I have a few ideas for ways the game might let players improve over time, but I haven't worked those out yet.

@BlueWave319, got it, thanks!

@maximus, I replied to your email about this, and I'll take a look.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I have a feeling that having the tough, medicine and metabolism skills at the same time causes these bugs. Maybe they cause the pain/blood/immune threshholds to overflow or something which permanently removes the rest button and causes blue rot not to do anything. I'm gonna try a brand new game with no hacks and medicine, tough and metabolism and see what happens.

Also, do any other skills besides medicine, tough and metabolism affect the healing rate and/or the pain/immune/blood thresholds?

Let me know if you notice anything awry. I'm pretty sure folks have chosen that combo of skills before, so I'm thinking there's more to it.

The metabolism, tough/frail, and medic skills have an effect on healing rates, but there are many non-skill effects, too. E.g. hunger states
thirst states
hypothermia states
nanorobot kits
sleeping bags
tarp shelters
blood loss

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

The Guards at the city attack you for no known reasons, i even had the wrist thing for city entrance yet they still act hostile. Also, i think the guards kill each other as well, seeing how most of their stuff and a pile of dead meat hang about near the city. The khaki shorts image is off when equipping them, and the ski mask thing from the guards cant be removed when equipped.

Whenever you stretch the screen and you continue or start a new game the screen shrinks again
Also whenever you find meds its only worth $1.25 until you empty it out

I've encountered these bugs, too, and they're on my list. Thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Not sure if it's been mentioned, but I wasn't able to remove a black facemask after putting it on. Also no dollar value shows for these.

Also display of hoodie and tactical vest storage can overlap, depending on the order in which you put them on. Vest first then hoodie and it looks ok (hoodie inventory doesn't show). Other way round and they both try to show at once.

Some nice improvements to auto selection of recipe ingredients when crafting. Still noticing that sometimes it won't let me manually make a recipe (the output option will show, but with no item actually visible in the output window). If I instead click on the recipe it will suddenly work properly (with same ingredients).

"Still noticing that sometimes it won't let me manually make a recipe (the output option will show, but with no item actually visible in the output window). If I instead click on the recipe it will suddenly work properly (with same ingredients)."

Noticed the same, specifically with the sled-on-a-string. It would have the output and "confirm" button on the first recipe for the ingredients (disassembled thread), but as soon as I clicked the arrow to scroll over to the sled recipe, the output and "confirm" button would disappear. It would work as intended if you click the recipe instead.

I posted about this in another thread. The issue is that if you right click on items and then click the "Take/Move" option to move stuff into the crafting box, it results in this error of not being able to craft.

You have to move items into the crafting box by either double left clicking on them or by using drag and drop with the mouse.

I've gotten the NaN or NoN bug as well, as described earlier. Was selling NV goggles at Junk Market.

Pill counts are also behaving strangely occasionally, with the number disappearing within bottle and the stack going over 10, but only producing 10. Seems fixed as soon as you take the pills out of the bottle.

Would also be nice if, when choosing the recipe for a small fire or such, the game didn't prefer to auto select items like my Dogman Cloak. This also happened with my medallion when I was crafting something. Not a big deal for veteran players (more of a good chuckle at Philip's cryogenic brain damage) but probably not a good *feature* for new players. Would be better if items were ordered for use in a common-sense way (ie: kindling, then paper, then string, then items of more value. qualifying criteria could be the item's value at the Junk Market (I'm sure this is an intrinsic value to the item itself, but don't know the code))

It would also be an improvement if the game did not choose to default to precious, precious paper instead of kindling for starting campfires. And the gloves I'm wearing instead of dirty rags for the clean rags (boiled) recipe.

You do know you can tear up newspapers, right? I don't think I've ever heard anyone refer to paper as 'precious', unless you're being facetious.

I know, and I wasn't entirely. Its use in arrows does make it a choke point, depending on how things work out for the player. Bark, on the other hand, it almost never scarce.

Yes, that gloves for rags priority has been really annoying. Worse than ketchup for water.

I agree on the paper by the way. If you're making arrows it does matter a bit. I'd put the list at bark - string (short) - string (long) - paper types. String is much easier to come by than paper.

Right, one other item. Loading up the 'crafting menu' has obviously slowed in this version. Used to be fairly snappy, now it lags. Memory leak, or just slow to load recipes?

I can also confirm this is happening.

Yep very noticeable.

Hm, I'll have to look into that. The crafting screen has to make copies of each item, then sort them largest-first, then find space for them in the crafting pages, so it's a pretty hefty process.

Still, maybe a recent change caused the processing time to inflate.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I've got a game breaking bug. Some time after I reach the point where I see what the glow is I can't scavenge anymore. The loot bar drops down to zero and adding items to the scavenge grid only barely raises it.

I reported it before but thought it was related to item glitches. I think it happens when I use the power generators, because it's happened very consistently the last several times I've played.

That is actually a game feature - all the places near to the city (in about ten hex/kilometre radius) have been picked clean a long time ago. That's why the bars drop down to almost zero - there is barely anything left there.

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I might need some better messaging for this. A lot of people think this is a bug, at first.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games