Hardware Failure (Again)

Well, my PC's motherboard bit it yesterday. PC won't power on. No fans, no beeps, though I do get LEDs on the motherboard.

At first, I figured the power supply blew. However, all the PSU voltage rails seem normal when running on its own. The mobo just doesn't respond to power on (even via the on-board power switch). I ran a few more tests last night, without any hardware on the board, but still no luck. So it was off to see if any local places had spare parts.

Today, I've been running into town and back for parts, and the good news is that they had a leftover LGA775 socket motherboard on the shelf.

The bad news, I'm discovering now that it's nearly assembled, is that half of my old RAM won't fit. I guess this is one of those hybrid DDR2/DDR3 boards, unlike my old DDR3x4 board. I'm still a few HDD shy of assembled again, but it's nearly there.

I'm going to see how it runs once assembled, and if I can limp on 4GB RAM for the interim. Maybe I can source some DDR2 RAM for cheap, since that probably won't be too much of a downgrade. (And it sure beats tearing it all down again, wiping the thermal paste off and reapplying, etc.)

I don't think the hard drives were affected, and I'm optimistic I can pick up where I left off once the hardware is running again. Worst case, if something unexpected happened there, I should have backups from the last week or so.

A frustrating (and tiring!) way to begin the week, unfortunately. Going to finish up my dinner here, and get back to the office to see what I can do. Wish me luck!


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Fun :/

*Throws IPad and picks up Razer Tablet*

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Good luck to you! It's a horrible feeling to watch a bunch of work go down the tubes in the blink of an eye. :'(

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I understood absolutely nothing from this post, but the less stressed you are from all of this the better. The only PC issues I've had to deal with is crappy graphics cards.

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Thanks, guys! And I have good news. I'm typing to you from the rebuilt dev PC! I'm only on 4GB RAM right now, but that's probably fine for dev purposes until I can get something better figured out.

I ran a quick test, and was able to compile NEO Scavenger and play a few turns, so I think we'll be back to work on 0.983 tomorrow!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Ouch, my condolences. I know how much of a royal pain in the ass that can, will just suck your whole day away from you.

Unless compiling uses a ton of memory you should be fine with just 4GB.

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I am nearly sure I've got some oldish, but working DDR2 RAM stick or two somewhere doing nothing but collecting dust. Should the package to Canada not be horribly expensive and there are no strange laws about sending such, I have no problem with sending some. Though I don't think those things - and the ones packing more than what I'd probably be able to send - are overly expensive.

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Yeah, 4GB should hold me for dev purposes. The only time it might get tight is during image, audio, or video editing. Adobe products can be a bit hoardish when it comes to memory :)

@Scavenger, thanks for the offer! But it'd probably cost you almost as much to send them here as it would for me to just buy fresh ones. I may just do an order from NCIX or Newegg with some other stuff I've been meaning to get, and piggy-back the RAM on the same shipping.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games