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Is there a reason you can only interact with the hatter once? He offers you other jobs, but whenever you go back to the square after the first interaction nothing ever happens (unless you get the urn I assume). It'd be nice to have multiple interactions with him considering he's the only decent person you get to talk to one on one. seems like it could be a more interesting way of earning money than just dropping stuff in the junk market after a few scavenging forays too.

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The reason is probably because the game isn't finished yet. With the next update you'll be able to talk to looters and the like, or least you can try.

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I would like to add more Hatter encounters at some point. In fact, I even worked on a few ideas this morning while doing plot work.

In the meantime, though, it's as Malacodor says: the story threads run short in some places until I can write more.

However, depending on what you mean by Hatter being the only "decent" person to talk to, you may not have discovered some of the other encounter-based characters yet. I can think of three other named NPCs with which players can converse in encounters, plus a handful of unnamed bit parts!

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