Accessing Shoulder Strap/Backpack during combat

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Accessing Shoulder Strap/Backpack during combat

Is there a way to access a weapon held in the backpack or on the shoulder strap during combat? I can't seem to get my crowbar/rifle (shoulder) or pistol(backpack) once combat has started.
Kind of the same counts for night vision goggles (head) and my flashlight (backpack/pants).

Woops, never mind. I thought I'd need a special button to access it but it seems I can access my inventory normally during combat.

Edit: ok, seems to depend on the combat: I was able to do it just fine when attacked at night by two raiders but later the same night I wasn't able to do it against a dogman?

You can't access your inventory during combat if the enemy is able to attack you.

For example, if you're within two spaces of a Dogman then your inventory will be closed, if your enemy has a ranged weapon then you will be required to take cover.

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*