Playtesting, Bug Fixing, and Some Plot

Today was mostly about playtesting, as I'm aiming to get a new build uploaded asap.

My first playtest was cut short when a roof collapsed, obliteraing two of my body parts. As it turned out, the "Fragile" trait had a bug which amplified damage by 300%, and I died of acute bleeding of the lungs and severe brain trauma. So that had to be fixed. (Recent armor/wounding/damage changes to blame, here.)

My next play session ended a little bit sooner when five dogmen entered my hex in the night. Suspicious, I checked the debug logs, and sure enough, all five spawned simultaneously. I swore up and down that this wasn't possible, but it turns out that there was a bug in the spawn code for random creatures. Instead of spawning a number between min and max values for a creature group, it was spawning a number between min and max+min. Again, fixes necessary. (and hopefully, smaller dogmen packs from now on!)

While I was in there, I also fixed item drop-swapping causing overlaps (dropping an item so it swaps with one item underneath it, and overlaps the one next to it). I also fixed the issue where a stack drop-swapped onto a wound caused the stack to disappear.

My next session went almost an hour and a half, bug-free. I was just nearing the DMC as I crested a hill when...null pointer bug. Looks like the AI looting code was trying to access the scent owner of a creature that had long-since passed on. I saved my game, fixed the bug, and was able to continue normally.

That same session went another two hours without a single bug. I'm thinking we might have "the one" here, folks. 0.983 in the making.

I went over my buglist, and sniped a few more small bugs. A spelling typo in the Hatter encounter and the creature heading text. I shored-up a few recipes, so noise traps can't be used to make noise traps, carts and sleds can't be used to make noise traps, and only water could be used to boil rags.

There were a few encounter bugs that prevented players from exiting the conversation with Bob, so I fixed those. I also fixed some issues where Hatter and Zom Zom's didn't take the items the player offered.

Finally, I added default conversations for DMC Guards, Bad Muthas, and Blue Frogs. There's only one for each at the moment, until I can make more. But at least they say something if you can get them to talk.

I think a bit more testing is in order on Monday morning, and then I'm going to look into uploading 0.983 as a test build here, and as an opt-in beta on Steam. Finally, you guys get to try out some of the new toys for yourself!

Until then, have a good weekend!


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Gah, that dogman thing happened to me before, didn't realize it was a bug. I just posted about the encounter in the epic fails thread on the steam forums.

I was in the middle of nowhere at the very south edge of the map just before the swamp, southeast from the cryo facility. During the day I didn't see a single enemy within range, night hit and I was pretty far from any city so I started setting up camp in a forest. Before I even finished camp preparations 5 dogmen suddenly crowded into my hex and cut that game short.

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Yeah, night-time, out-of-nowhere gang-bangs aren't particularly pretty :D
Good thing to do would be setting a condition to make sure that creatures cannot spawn closer than 5-6 hexes away from player, regardless if it's day or night. That would probably lower the number of nightly attacks by the newly spawned hordes by a large amount - they would have to find and reach player first.

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That's an interesting point. The game goes through great pains to spawn enemies just beyond the player's line of sight, but at night time, that's often adjacent to the player's current hex.

I'm terrified of adding a code change after all that testing, so I'll make note of it for later :)

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Im pretty sure Melonheads spawn the same way sometimes.