More Bugslaying

The parade of bugs continues. This time, it was largely in AI and damage code.

First of all, it turns out the damage code has been, well, "damaged" since last August. Blunt damage on arms and legs was being largely ignored, and severe cutting damage would never cause crippling effects on those limbs. Additionally, if both cut and blunt damage was dealt to a location, only the cut would be reported, which is why one often sees "grazed" wounds coming from attacks that still manage to stun the target (i.e. blunt was the larger portion of damage, but not reported in the log).

i[]Furthermore[/i], cutting attacks were often failing to cause bleeding and infection. And the new armor effects were both getting stuck after armor was removed, and sometimes, healing the player!

Needless to say, some fixes were in order. I think this will make things a bit more dangerous in combat, since arms and legs are now stripped of their buggy protection. On the other hand, weapons should now do more logical damage.

The AI had its own raft of issues, too. Creatures that were fallen and getting up would trigger allies becoming passive, leading to weird instances of the AI offering to cease fire or talk in the middle of firefights. AI was also counting unconscious teammates as strangers with good faction standings, causing some weird passive moves in combat. The code that selects the best attack mode was overzealously choosing modes that were empty of ammo, leading to AI that stood motionless with empty guns.

I managed to fix all these things, and was happy to finally see DMC guards unload firearms in my direction consistently after shooting at them, rather than them alternately shooting and talking to me.

While I was in there, I made some changes to the faction code so that anyone in the current battle is affected by a creature's actions. E.g. if I attack a DMC guard, all DMC guards in the current hex instantly have a lower opinion of me (rather than just the target, who convinces the others over time).

I also finally fixed the bug that caused campsites to disappear when hiding in a hex. Dumb mistake on my part, but it should be working next build.

And finally, I made the Main Map (hex map) button use TAB as a hotkey, since the old hotkey (Q) only worked if on the Items screen.

Another busy day! The good news is that I think I'm moving on to more long-term testing tomorrow, since most immediately critical bugs should be fixed now. I need to see if any edge cases or null pointers show up when playing longer than this week's spot-testing has exposed.

Also, I know of at least one more thing I need to add: placeholder conversations for DMC guards, Bad Muthas, and Blue Frogs. It's okay if they don't have a lot to say in the next build, but they should at least say something, so that if talking succeeds, the encounter screen doesn't just disappear. When done, this will mean NPCs can be talked to in a very basic fashion.

Hope everyone has a good night!


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I really like seeing these dev posts, thanks for keeping us in the loop :)

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My pleasure!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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I think you should fix this graphic bug before someone more notices it...

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So THIS is what makes the monkey wrench so OP!

I always wondered why ' mauling ' someone's [limb] didn't cripple it.