Carrion eaters

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Carrion eaters

I recently survived my longest game of 57 days! Towards the end though, the terrain was covered in rotting human meat and corpses. Adding a basic carrion eater to the game that deletes all the meat on tiles, and is attracted to meat would be great. Have you thought about adding a giant cockroach or something? As an added bonus it could take bites out of the character if they sleep in the woods =D and runs away at any sign of resistance.

Has been amazing fun to play Neo Scavenger, keep up the good work!

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Rotten meat decays over time and disappears. Perhaps it should decay faster.

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I would also like to let you know that pressing the number 3 will turn your cursor into a deleter thingy, and allow you to destroy any item you would like with a click. I personally delete human corpses after I kill a poor fellow, though recently I've taken to just beating them into unconsciousness and looting them, then retreating. lol, I digress. This is also particularly helpful after a few scavenging sessions and there is a bunch of useless ' loot ' on the ground.

TLDR; Press 3 and then click what you want, it'll go away.

I was spending a goodly amount of time cleaning up the terrain :) and it's not that I want things to disappear faster either.
Maybe it's because I'm from Australia, but having nothing attracted to meat left rotting on the ground makes the world seem a little dead. Not that it's a game-stopper for me either.
I'd love to see some carrion creatures in the game...carrion squirrels?

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Yeah seems weird that there isn't anything eating the corpses that are rotten.

(In response to your signature saying shotgun to the face) YOU JUST GOT SARGED! (Red vs Blue reference)

It would make sense to have some sort of 'vulture', 'scavenger' type of creature that preys on other animals / mutants kills. I would go as far as it is ironic it isn't already in the game considering the naming..

I used to leave all rotten meat and berries/mushrooms identified as poisonous lying about. My hope was that NPCs would eat them and die over time, serving as a sort of population control and making the map safer. Since then I believe I've seen it stated that although NPCs pick up food and beverage they don't actually consume them. Accordingly I've started "destroying" everything I don't want myself to reduce hex clutter and deny materiel to enemies.

It's click-intensive, but in the meantime this behavior has mostly kept me from experiencing that problem. Hold 3 for scorched earth. Carrion/junk eating creatures would be cool though. Giant beetles for meat/vegetation, moths for cloth, mutant termites for wood, etc.

Thinking about this more, it seems that this is something a lot of people want / are having problems with Hex's being over crowded and a mess! Looking at another topic that has been posted!

I think adding a few minor creatures will add something to the food chain pyramid making the world seem a bit more 'real'