Repair system + mechanic / trapping /electronics skill balance

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Repair system + mechanic / trapping /electronics skill balance

Hey! I picked up NEO Scavenger a few days ago and had a blast so far, but on my recent playthrough i began to notice two things:
1. As there is no way to repair worn items, i tend to leave things behind which would be good except for their low condition value. Also i weep everytime my cherished posessions begin to rot away (but that my be more of a feature)
2. I avoid the more "crafty" skills like mechanic, electronics and trapping, and from what i read lurking here that is a commom strategy

Now for my suggestion, i think both points could be improved by adding a repair system for clothing and certain tech items, without taking from the desolation/dire need situation that makes the game so intense.

Assuming, for example, i could break a backpack into shreds of "tough fabric" and repair another with them. There would have to be a loss of resources at both "conversions", so maybe on disassembly a backpack would yield one strip of fabric per 20% condition. however, the repair recipe using one strip would only improve another backpack by 10%, while both recipes still degrade the tools used, and possibly could be done only with dedicated tools, ie a sewing kit.

In my opinion, such a system would have some advantages for gameplay:
- rare finds, like shotguns, would still be salvagable at low conditions (both as parts and as an item)
- the player could maintain his hard earned (stolen) gear, but
- effort and some luck are still required
- weapons and clothing still cannot be just created, there always has to be a base item for repair
- stockpiling on spare parts is still problematic due to weigth/space restrictions
- finally, craft skills like mechanic could have improved repair/disassembly rates as an added bonus

oh, and one afterthought:
if this system would make sustaining gear too easy, the repair/disassembly rates could be made exponential, i.e. a backpack gives roughly 3 scraps at 50 percent, but only one at 30% and 7 at 70%. the same could be done to repair rates, in the sense that repairing things closer to 100% takes more resources, to further increse the value of mint condition gear. the crafting skills could somehow smoothe this curve out, or even make full repair feasible.

Mechanic and Electrician are clearly underpowered at the moment, but Trapping is rather considered overpowered. This will definitely be addressed sooner or later. Repairing items was suggested many times before and implementing it is mainly a time problem.

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