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Where to from here

Ok so I just started playing Neo Scavanger I tried the demo and spent several hours running round the map before buying the game.

Once I had the game I collected a bunch of equipment and went to DMC talked to hatter did his quest and got my pass, and went into the city.


Other then eating at the restaurant shopping at the cmart and selling some stuff at the market there does not seem to be anything to do...

I read on wiki there is a bank no bank in my city am I missing something?

Is there more to the story from here....after playing the demo and only being able to explore that first map I was kind of looking forward to progression when i brought the game but it seem sot be at a standstill.

have I missed something or is it just a matter of waiting for the story to be updated and progressed?

Hey stardreamer,

You've hit the end of the existing story content, for now. I'm in the process of adding "what's next" for players following clues to the DMC.

That said, there are some DMC encounters that you're missing based on choices you've made. And depending on what you've seen out in the wilderness, there may be some out there, too.

Roughly speaking, there are a dozen or so major encounters (comparable to the cryo facility and Hatter) currently in the game. And close to 100 random encounters sprinkled around the map randomly each game.

Hopefully, that means there's more for you to discover while you wait!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

thank you for your reply. I will keep an eye out for the content.

Hey, Dan. Good to see you on the forums. I'm wondering when this content (or any other major update) will be coming out? Any ETA?