Healing - It's too slow

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Healing - It's too slow

I understand, and support, the difficulty level this game is being pitched at, however the current healing model is simply too punitive in my opinion. Almost your only chance at survival when crippled is if you already have two days worth of food and water in your backpack, attempting to scavenge when crippled is like signing a death certificate for yourself. Nanobots are just rare enough for their payload, but scavengers need other methods to be self sufficient. Preparation should be equivalent to having a nanobot kit.A short term fix for this problem would be to up healing rates when not using nanobots. A long term fix includes letting players make bandages out of rags, splints out of rags and sticks, increasing healing rate while at player camps, and making sutures out of string and antibiotics and/or alcohol. The bandages and splints should be craftable by everyone, but the sutures should require medical knowledge.It is my belief that right now healing is very binary: Do you have a nanobot kit? Yes - You get to live! No - Sorry, you're dead.

Hey Herf!You're absolutely right: healing is pretty brutal right now, and without a NRMK, scavenging life can be pretty short :) While I want injury and wounding to be somewhat realistic, and a tactical consideration, I also want the player to have more ways of avoiding and dealing with injuries.The long-term plan is to address these concerns via a more interactive wounding system, as well as a more interactive combat system. Both are found on the feature voting page, though they're not quite as popular as other features at the moment.The wounding system should include more types of wounds, like bleeding, broken bones, etc. As well as the means to deal with those wound types (bandaging, splints, suturefoam, stitching, etc.). Painkillers also fit in here, as ways of temporarily mitigating penalties of injury without actually healing. Player camp (currently in the works) may also contribute to healing rates, though exactly how has yet to be determined (possibly increased healing rates and lowered metabolism, while in camp).The combat system feature approaches the issue from another direction: making combat less of a random death jackpot, and more of a role-playing system. Being able to do more than "strike" and "run" will help in keeping wounds rare for the prepared or resourceful.There's also the scavenging accident contribution to wounds, which is still being tweaked. Roof collapse is sort of a catch-all for having an accident while scavenging, but is meant to be replaced by a wider range of incidents at some point. E.g. busted knuckles from prying open a locked cabinet, twisted ankle from a rotted floorboard, mild lacerations due to broken glass, etc. Not to mention more "flavor" outcomes, which focus more on painting detail on the setting rather than directly injuring the player. The collapsing roof is just a placeholder, albeit an admittedly heavy-handed one.Finally, this is all still up for discussion. What I say above is just my current plans, and I'm willing to entertain other solutions if they sound better. I happened across this great thread on the very same topic this morning:Wasteland Survival Guide • View topic - No insta-healing items It's interesting reading the argument from the other side. Many in the W2 thread want more hardcore, and I think it'd be interesting to have them try NEO Scavenger to see if they feel there is such a thing as "too hardcore." (i.e. players dying of thirst while waiting for a crippled leg to mend) I think most in that thread are arguing for "hardcore but fun," which is sort of what you're getting at. Essentially, let's make wounding and healing non-trivial, but also non-frustrating. And I agree!I've got a pretty good feeling about being able to do the above, and I'm looking forward to the time when that system is on my plate!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Glad you've got some ideas and plans for changes to the injury and healing systems. I love NEO Scavenger, but am finding it rather insanely difficult after I run out of charges for my NRMK. Of course I'm not the best at this game - I'm always too impatient to loot, scavenge, and steal everything that isn't bolted down!Keep up the good work Dan - I have to admit, I did not use my vote for "Expand wound system". I'd buy some more votes if I wasn't so chea....err, poor. Seeing as I haven't had this much fun with a hex based RPG since Fallout 2, I think I can be patient, and wait for you to continue perfecting NEO Scavenger :-)

Wow, reading trough all the suggestion posts, I now see that there's no reason to voice my suggestions, since most has been discussed, and you seem to have a lot of (good stuff) on your plate as it is. I like most of the suggestions (including this one, although I didn't either use my vote for the wound system). One thing I have to say, though, is that i really LIKE the harshness of the game and what comes with it, for example, the fact that I spent hours to build up a camp just to die from heat exhaustion when I set out for Boston (due to my newly crafted squirrel outfit).

In my opinion, while some systems need work to be more realistic and balanced, I think the challenge of the game should stay the same. It was the constant dying and no save-reloading that got me hooked, since it is so unlike every other game out there. It's hardcore survival that is the point with the whole game, isn't it?

I know you have tons of opinions on this matter, and this one isn't the most voted for, but spending hours to learn how to survive in the game, just to see the game get easier along the development process would kill the challenge for me. At least keep hard core mode an option.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. Based on discussions here and the developer's comments, I think this game will stay hardcore survival.

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