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Very common and useful item

Hi everybody. I've recently found this brilliant game, so I've decided to share an idea.

In modern world, almost everybody uses soap. If a player could find some kind of disposable soaps (in abandoned apartments etc.), they could be used to give a temporary immune system boost.

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While hygiene and it's effects may merit some consideration in the post-apocalyptic world, I am not sure about practical effect of the soap on immune system. Most, if not all, of the health issues the character can experience are a result of either injury or active interaction with (as in, for example, consuming) some very unhealthy things.

In reality, while hygiene is a thing of importance - and certainly beneficial in several ways for groups of people living together, it's main way of improving general health is through elimination of pathogens humans can transmit to each other and to/from their environment. It doesn't however eliminate intrinsic deadly properties of most things.

Thus, I don't really thing soap would make a difference - no matter how well you'll scrub, say, poisonous mushrooms will remain as poisonous and random, dirty, sharp tools puncturing your flesh - as likely to injure you and cause inflamation. Even diseases like cholera are more often a result of contaminated food/water than anything, nor will soap help much against flu if the source isn't some plague spreading among people who don't clean their hands after covering their face during a sneeze.

I'd be more prone to consider soap as just one of the rare things you can find among ruins (or buy at DMC) that's worth a bit, though I am still somewhat ambivalent toward items that have no worth beside being vendor trash.

Soap in real life makes a person wash more thoroughly because of how you'd use it, which is the opposite when you'd use alcohol, this is why hospitals have such an issue with bacteria supposedly. For the sake of game design though you wouldnt want this in game since people would get confused XD Good ol alcoholic hand sanitizer will have to do!

Poor hygiene can result in rashes that can get pretty severe, and cause infections if left untreated. I got heat rash all over my back once in training from having to wear a flak jacket all freakin day long and even with some basic hygiene and baby powder it defiantly was hindering my mobility. Seem to be going pretty strict for realism here seeing as how characters can get the runs. So just saying even in survival situations its a viable concern. I wouldn't suggest soap though, just seems too impracticable and doubt many would have survived that long after the apocalypse. Baby wipes and wet naps however come in those hard plastic containers or plastic bags that last fucking forever. And thats what we always used out in the field where running water wasn't an option.

May come in handy if more bad health effects that can come from touching things gets implemented it would be rather useless. Sorry for not agreeing with you.
P.S. Don't drop the soap. (LOL)

Actually, what Scavenger says is right. All that soap does (we are talking about common one that can be found in every home) is making hard to remove substances (oils, fats, grease) more easily soluble in water. So in essence, it makes washing in water easier.

So while keeping hands grease-free might be a good thing in general, soap's influence is hardly big enough to put it equal with actual medicine.

The only thing I can think of to justify the usage of such item, would be if Dan decided to add something along the lines of Dirty condition that, if persisting for a longer while, could negatively impact player's Immune System stat. So if the player would have to wash himself every several days to avoid that (risking getting cold while doing so), soap item could make that process 1/3 shorter, for example.

And if there were something that could affect the player with negative condition by simply touching it, my guess is using soap would not help too much. Common kitchen rubber gloves, on the other hand, now that is a great multi-purpose thing :D

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I see your point, thanks for reply.

Soap + water + dirty rag = clean rag

In reality, soap is quite useful. But in game terms, it doesn't really apply.

The point is, that the common soap is not actually anti-bacterial, so washing a dirty rag in a cold water with soap would really give you a Clean Looking Rag, that would still be disease-ridden and still needed to be boiled before being safe to use on the wounds.

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Clean Rag, not Sterile. If you really want it free of germs, shouldn't be storing it in a plastic shopping bag with a couple pieces of raw meat and some tinder... But yes, I understand your point.

That's why they should loose condition non-stop after being made, especially if stored in one bag with rotten meat :D.

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Clean rags doesn't lose condition?
I've always stored them in medkit, so I thought that that was the reason for it.

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Soap helps with removing dirt which can contain germs, so it does help. Unless you have to deal with open wounds anti-bacterial soap is overkill. However, if you have an open wound soap-washed rags would count as semi-clean.

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And a semi-clean rag is always better than a flat dirty one! If nothing else a psychosomatic benefit is present. Though not particularly helpful in-game.