They keep stealing all my stuff!

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They keep stealing all my stuff!

So I went on a pretty long trip exploring the world, returned home only to find what I guess (because it's got that camp sign, but I never set up a camp there myself) is a bandit camp 2 tiles away from my own. With like 5 or so bandits around. And they keep taking stuff from my camp, and all I can do is chase them down, kill them, get my stuff, somehow drag it all back into my camp, only for another bandit to have taken something else from my camp in the meantime. It's hilarious from one perspective, but also so annoying! How do they even know I have a camp there? Don't camps supposed to have some kind of chance to not be spotted?

They do (depending on the camp site's Concealment stat, visible to those with Hiding skill). But all the items on the ground grid are unhidden, enemies always see those and, what's better, remember that they were there. So leaving any stuff outside of your camp will effectively negate the camp's Concealment.

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Oh... /facepalm

Interesting. So I guess I'll have to destroy most items and always disassemble the tarp shelter. Is there any other way of improving a camp's concealment?

Are they just going for any items of value? Like above 3$? Or for everything, even wood and pebbles? Otherwise I could at least leave worthless stuff like my firewood outside the camp's inventory.