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Well, I've nearly got the new DMC police outfits done. All of the clothing and armor artwork is done, and I've started adding the requisite item data for them to the game. So far, I've got the pants, boots, gloves, shirt, helmet, and balaclava added.

Since I'm fairly certain most of you will bee-line for the DMC to steal the clothes at your first chance, I won't ruin the surprise by showing their item art. However, here's a sneak preview of the sprite art:

IMAGE( In theory, this outfit should scare people off. But I have a feeling this guy's a target...

(FYI, the large-ish helmet is due to melonheads needing to be able to wear all the same clothes as humans. Not ideal, I know, but the way it is.)

The armor vest is the last item to be added, and with it, I'll need to figure out how to handle armor in combat (and retroactively add armor values to the helmet, and maybe other clothes). Things aren't quite as simple as subtracting weapon damage from creature hit points, so inserting armor to the mix takes a bit of mucking around.

There are a few steps involved, including damage calculations for the attacker (strong/melee), the defender (fragile/unconscious/fallen), the type of weapon used (blunt/cutting), plus handling wake-up and sneaking, finding appropriate body locations for the damage type, etc.

Unfortunately, this calculation is spread out in a few places, so I'm going to see what I can do to consolidate a bit on Monday. There are some hard-coded effects in there that have grown wild over time, and maybe this is the right time to finally make those part of the data-driven condition system. Then, I can set both overall and location-specific damage adjustments for conditions like unconscious/fragile/armor as-needed.

Whatever the case, I'll probably set armor pieces to give certain armor values to certain wound locations. Any attack on those locations will then be checked for "penetration" vs. the armor's value, and some math will be done. Maybe if the penetration is below the armor value, all cut damage is turned into blunt damage. Maybe it's even divided by the difference. I don't know yet.

The outcome I want, however, is for most weapons to have diminished performance against armor. They should still cause some blunt trauma, but the armor mitigates much of it. And in cases where the armor is slight (e.g. a fur tunic), maybe it just diminishes blunt trauma a bit, or converts a small fraction of cutting damage to blunt?

Should be an interesting day, Monday! Until then, however, have a good weekend!


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Let DMC police patrol in groups of two or three (one sniper with a scoped rifle, others with shotguns) and give them Ranged skill and plenty of ammunition (is more realistic anyway) and they WILL be feared. If one dies or is seriously injured they will immediately retreat to DMC or call a helicopter (= disappear after one turn), so hit and run tactics won't work, too.

Why should melon heads be able to wear helmets? For the sake of realism they shouldn't be able to wear helmets, goggles or pants at all, since they are simply to small/long.

Simply turning cutting damage into blunt damage will lead to a different autopsy report, but won't be helpful at all.

I'd use a percentage based system. For example, armor vests reduce cutting damage by 50% and turn the other 50% into blunt damage. Blunt weapon damage is reduced by 20%. The vest itself should be damaged according to the damage it absorbed, but with a bigger modifier for cutting damage.

A fur/hide cloak (which offers better padding but worse protection from cuts) reduces cutting damage by 10% and turns 20% into blunt damage. Blunt damage is reduced by 30%.

Jeans and Hoodies can make the difference between a scratch a no scratch and should have very small armor values.

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The vest itself should be damaged according to the damage it absorbed, but with a bigger modifier for cutting damage

That is very important in my opinion. Armour, and any other clothes for that matter, need to take a condition hit, when "participating" in combat. If you manage to make armour work on selected body parts Dan, please try to make it so that corresponding clothing clothing parts are being damaged too. That would be so cool - new reason to avoid the fights: "if someone will cut me, my new hoodie and tunic will get ruined".

And I agree, Melonheads should not wear head gear - as Malacador said, it is somewhat expected of them, I think, to have their heads too big for that.
Can a tags like "not usable by Melonhead", "not usable by Deer", etc. be added to those items, to make that particular creature type skip on using them?

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I know that this is not helpful in this post, but will you think about putting skills at hire in the junk market, for a great quantity of money (Or a extremely valuable item) usable at the crafting menu, for making things instead of give them to luck at the market

Example: Arrow, broadhead $3.00 at the market (Sold directly)
Example 2: Arrow, broadhead $5.00 + The materials (Sold via crafting them with skills for hire [More identified for having a darker background])

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Hm, DMC patrol groups sound like a good idea. I'm not sure if I have the fine control you're describing, but I might be able to fake it. I can specify spawn groups like "DMC patrol = 3-4 creatures" and make sure their loadouts can include a variety of weapons. This should produce decent squads on average.

The emergency evacuation might be tricky, though maybe I can make a special combat move for that.

As for melonheads and headwear, I was thinking it'd be hard for me to prevent them from wearing any. Then, I rationalized that they could still wear a lot of it, like night vision goggles (adjustable straps), balaclava (stretchy), etc.

I suppose I could whip-up a "slot blocker" item that does nothing except block the item slot. I know I have at least one for crippled limbs. And yeah, maybe that can also go for deer and other creatures who can't hold items.

As for damage mitigation, damage will likely be reduced no matter what. The main question is how much gets converted to blunt and how that's handled.

Also, I thought clothing already took a condition hit in combat. Though, maybe that was broken when I added wound locations.

@Purrpixel, do you mean paying someone to identify the items before selling them? The price difference in identified vs. unidentified items was meant to simulate that, though I'll admit it's a bit abstract.

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@ Dan, I believe he meant that once a person had a recipe identified, but couldn't not create it due to the lack of a skill, such as ranged for the creation of crude broadhead arrows, that one could take the materials to the junk market and pay a person to craft those broadhead arrows, for a charge in-addition to the materials that you must supply. [ Or they provide the materials and a higher rate ] to allow people without certain skills to do get equipment they couldn't otherwise.

That said, I cannot wait for a new build release, particularly being able to tell what people have before I go murder/mug/maim them! Also are armour values going to be additive or will each piece of clothing have its own check? I mean wearing a fur coat + hospital gown + hoodie + Shirt is a lot of layering. The sheer thickness of the cloth would be enough to stop a small pocket knife, from say a swiss army tool.

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What is the expect life expectancy of a vest?

Will the vest be able to be covered e.g. Your lovely fur dogman can sit on top without notice. I may not want to advertise my defence capabilities?

Could this also open the door up for the ability to craft armour aspects into apparel in the future. Not expecting the level of defence the vest is offering, but a junk style offering for melee combat.

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@Vidar, oh, I think I see. It'd make sense that a skilled person could make arrows cheaper if provided ingredients. However, I wonder if the problem is just that certain items need to be more reliably in-stock?

I can't wait for a build release, either! Seriously, I get really stressed the longer it has been since the last build. It'll be nice to share some of the most recent work!

The way armor is coded right now, I think it'll be additive (each armor item adds its effects to certain wound locations).

@matsy, I'm not sure, actually! I think it'll last over a year if simply worn. I'm adding damage to items in locations that get hit, though, so that might accelerate degrading.

As for wearing things over the vest, that's not currently possible. The torso has three layers, inner, middle, and outer. The t-shirts and hospital gown go in the inner, hoodies and heavy shirts in the middle, and furs and armor on the outer layer. I could add a fourth layer, I suppose, but looking at the armor and fur, I think you'd look (and feel!) like the Michelin man. Also, I think the combined heat retention from both would kill you from hyperthermia before long :)

It might be interesting to allow for customized and crafted armor in the future, though. I'd like to add that someday, but it'll depend on available time.

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