Abandon Vehicle Command

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Abandon Vehicle Command

Just ran across the game recently (found a YouTube Let's Play); bought it with some steam cash I happened to have lying around.

One thing that jumped out at me right away, was the silliness of dragging a sled or a cart or something around in combat. Particularly in the kind of brutal tackle-and-stab-to-death combat Neo Scavenger has. It seems to me that there should be an 'abandon vehicle' command, which immediately drops your vehicle, leaving it behind on the ground. This gives you a bit more room to maneuver in combat... but (of course) you'll lose your vehicle if you are forced to flee. Vehicles which are tangled up with you (like the sled, if you're using it with a strap) leave you vulnerable for a turn when you abandon them; vehicles which you're merely pushing around (like the cart) do not.


It's was discussed before since, as you pointed out, lack of this ability is very noticeable. Dan is working on it and, if everything goes well, it will be implemented in the next game build.

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It is possible to drop your sled by going into inventory management and remove it during a fight. This is a bit clunky, though, and not that obvious. Also you get the "accessed inventory" stat that makes you unable to perform attacks. I agree there should be a quick button - in the meantime, you can use this method if you did not know about it already.

You cannot access your inventory if an enemy is in attack range unless you hide behind cover.

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Or if the enemy is incapacitated some how, fallen/unconscious/and I believe stunned qualifies.