DMC Police Equipment

This morning involved a bit more PR, as I've been quiet in a few places longer than I should have been. Plus, some interesting pieces crossed the wire today. The ever-eloquent Cassandra Khaw has a new piece celebrating NEO Scavenger's callousness, and Shawn Schuster published his interview with me about the game, it's development, and inspirations. Both are excellent reads!

Back at the drawing board, work continues on the DMC police force uniforms. I was able to finish work on the "tactical pants," settling on a near-black (gunmetal?), cargo-style design. They're not hooked up yet, but I have worn and stored versions of the art done. I still need to work out pocket space for them, and may have to settle on simply making the pocket space larger than jeans. We'll see.

I also made a khaki set for more casual use. The design was close enough, and it'll provide a way for people to obtain utility pants without stealing from the police.

I finished a matching long-sleeve shirt for the uniform, too. Nothing too special here, just a good base layer for the armor to come. Tactical gloves were next on the list, and essentially look like biker/moterman gloves in a black leather.

I've also started on torso armor. The design isn't final, but I'm thinking I'm going to go with something similar to Windsor's SWAT armor. It's mobile, utilitarian, and sufficiently modern in design (without being crazy sci-fi). Plus, Windsor's literally across the bridge from Detroit!

I have yet to see how it looks with the existing assets, but I should know tomorrow.

Helmet design is still up in the air. This might be an opportunity for something more distinctive than typical SWAT bowl helmets. Integrated masks and/or goggles are a possibility, as are comms or headlamps. Or maybe some of that gear can be on the vest? Dunno.

Finally, there's the weapons. Yesterday's post had a lively discussion in the comments on weapon expectations, and I suspect that's not over. I'm still certain of the taser shotgun slugs. I'm inclined to agree with steering away from lasers, too. I'll need to do some more thinking, though.

Anyway, still moving along. Hopefully, I'll have most of that at least drafted by end of day tomorrow, so I can rig it up in the game to see how it works. It'll be nice to have a security presence on the map!


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Two 6 slot boxes for the cargos? It'd give off a sweet upgrade to the jeans, while not being too powerful (they are just pants, after all).

~The Pirate