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Choose your Apocalypse

Hey everyone,

Newcomer to the forums, and freshly introduced to NS. Let me just start by saying that this game is amazing. This is the most fun beta I have EVER played. So fun, in fact, that now I have about 4 other friends hooked on this game. We've been playing nonstop for close to two days now. I'm so excited to see such an incredible entry into the genre. Even more excited to see that it's still so basic and in early development (I feel like the experience delivered by the current build of NS is, for many studios, an acceptable "end product"). I have to congratulate Blue Bottle on having such high standards.

So now on to my suggestion. I searched the forums and didn't see anything. Forgive me if this ends up being a repost:

As Neo Scavenger goes further into development, I would suggest that it be done with procedural world generation in mind. Obviously the world is already randomly generated to a basic degree. It contains a little bit of everything. (event) Zombies, raiders, Melonheads, Werewolf men, Wraithes, Mutants etc etc... But that got me thinking. It'd be pretty awesome - if at some point in the future - I could begin a new game/character by customizing the world in an actual world-gen tool.

For example - choosing various "flavors" of apocalypse... A supernatural one... A fairly monster-less yet insanely harsh nuclear winter world (the survivalist's nightmare/wet dream), A world ravaged by an apocalyptic human world-war, a more mixed one. Maybe be able to set the frequency of certain game/map components.

I believe that - at some point in development - time spent on this matter will yield great dividends. I do not doubt for a second that the story of our popsicle hero is going to shape up into a really badass one. But I believe that truly long-term replay value is going to lie in world-gen features. And I do not want to see people playing this game only once or twice for the story, and then putting it down. I'd rather love to see this game become the Dwarf Fortress of apocalypse survival with communities feverishly enjoying it for years to come.

I'm afraid you expect a bit too much from this game. It's in a pretty late stage of development and there probably won't be big changes anymore. However, the dev said there might be a sequel, so maybe some of your suggestions will be realized there.

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I would also like to point out that this is, indeed, a flash game. As the other Mal said, you're expecting a bit much. :) Not to mention this IS a one man project ^-^. That said, it's still wonderful.

I suggested the ability to choose your flavor but not the entire worldgen thing itself. Why you would not see mine is because it was a bundle of ideas in one post.