Work on Player Camp Started

No new builds today. However, I've started working on the first draft of player camp. It's a bit tricky coming up with a system that includes the many good suggestions I've heard, while simultaneously leveraging existing systems. It looks like I'll need to extend a few systems, at least, and possibly write some additional ones.

So far, here's what I'm thinking: Each hex has a predefined list of suitable camp sites, which will probably be randomly generated once per game, per hex. So forest hexes will tend to have more natural camp sites, urban hexes will have building and ruin sites, etc. Each of these sites has some base stats for things like concealment, resting/sleeping bonuses, shelter, space to store stuff, and chances for encounters. There is also a new inventory slot, called "Camp." It acts like other slots: if you choose a camp to use, it gets equipped to the "Camp" slot, which can store items like other containers do. The chosen camp is bound to the hex it came from, so when you leave the hex, it disappears from the slot. When the player returns to that hex, that camp is added back to the slot.

The first time a player enters a hex, it has no camp sites available, and none in the slot. Players must search for sites (probably initiated by a button like Scavenging), and depending on the sites' stats, some may not be discovered. Using certain skills and items during searching may expose some harder-to-find sites, probably with better stats (if they exist).

The player then selects the site they wish to use. I'm not sure what this looks like yet. It might be like an encounter, where the selected response automatically gets installed. Or maybe the search results all show up in a container next to the "Camp" slot so players can switch between known sites in a hex more quickly. Still needs testing to know for sure. At any rate, the player chooses their preferred camp site (if any are found), and it gets installed into the "Camp" slot.

Once installed, the player gets all benefits of that camp site as long as they are in the hex and the camp remains installed (even when sleeping). Furthermore, certain item types, when added to the camp's container area, count towards the camp's stats. E.g. fire, shelter, alarms/traps, and camouflage. Normal items can be stored in camp too, and all items are limited by the camp's available space. (E.g. Some camps might just be a hole in the ground, and have room only for a sleeping bag.)

Wandering creatures will have a chance to see any camps when passing through a hex, based on the camp's stats compared to their own. If the camp has traps or alarms in it, the player should be notified or woken up. And if creatures find the camp unattended, those that care about loot will take stuff from camp.

If it's not too much work, I may also see about making creatures use camps to rest and store items. But that could be a lot of work, and might have to wait for another version down the road. The same is true for some of the related features, such as campfire visibility, map markers, etc. It's a first draft, and I will probably only have basic stuff working at first. However, it should at least make it possible to sleep with some security/comfort in a camp, as compared to risk of death sleeping "in the rough."

I'm also tinkering with the idea of moving a few UI items around. Since I'm already in there moving stuff to make room for camp, I figure it may be a good time to see if I can address some issues with usability. E.g. making it easier to get skills into crafting, or items from one screen to another. It's pretty experimental right now, but it could happen.


Just to be clear, the above is "the plan." It might not work :) It could turn out too hard to build, or not easy enough to use. Basically, don't be surprised if the above doesn't work out as described. I'm going to try, and so far so good, but I don't want anyone getting excited and then let down. So, grain of salt!

Thanks for reading, and have a good night!