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donation feature

i look around and couldnt find an option to donate money. so i figure i would suggest having a donate feature option here to help dan with a finacial support feature.

Hey sil,

Thanks for the idea! It's true that there isn't a pure donation option on the website. However, I did setup the Feature Voting page in such a way that people can buy different amounts of votes. This way, those who donate can also say what areas of the game interest them most.

Does that work?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hey, sorry for bringing the topic again. But in fact without doing any research you could setup a cryptocurrency donation address. That would be as simple as downloading official bitcoin-qt & litecoin-qt client. Run them on your PC and copy paste a wallet "receiving address" from your client to the website.

Those would be donations, not payments. So no payment processing, nothing needed from your side to handle incoming funds. Just paste the donation addresses somewhere here on the website, and wait for BTC and LTC to flow in. This will help you in measuring the interest of people to use cryptocurrency.

You will either (1) keep running BTC & LTC clients for a while, so that they will download all data from the p2p network, otherwise you won't see incoming donations, even if they will be coming. Or (2) if you don't want to keep them running until they download whole data from p2p network, you could monitor your funds on for BTC and for LTC.

Only important word of wisdom is that you make sure to not delete the wallet.dat file in which a private address for your funds is stored (or to be safe after clicking in menu "Settings->Encrypt wallet" make a backup copy of it, just in case).

I still think you need something more noticeable, maybe a big "donate" button which links to the feature votes.

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yep, I totally agree with that. And BTC & LTC donation address :) Just like I put such addresses on my homepage: nobody donated me so far (because I'm doing stuff much less popular than "Neo scavenger"), but at least I am trying ;)

oh i just saw your link and the mar base looks pretty good

its might also help to have it in the upper right corner so when someone open the page they see the option and automatically know where it is