Good Publicity, and Talking With Strangers

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Things have been pretty busy around here, due to a few unexpected surprises in the press over the past few days.

First, there was this lovely shout-out in Rock Paper Shotgun. Appearing late in the day, Friday, Adam's kind words really ramped-up site traffic in the following couple of days. In fact, for a day or two, it was almost like launching on Early Access again!

Then, a friendly composer by the name of Aaron Paul Low dropped by to ask if I needed any music. Of course, Josh's music has already filled that gap nicely, but I had a nice chat with him just the same. In the process, he suggested that I plug the RPS article on Reddit's /r/Games, as it would probably find some fans there.

I've kept my posts limited to more niche subs so far, trying not to be too much of a shill. However, I decided maybe this was one time where I was allowed. RPS is a household name for many, and with NEO Scavenger on Steam now, more might be willing to take a look. So I created a thread about NEO Scavenger, and it seems to have gone over pretty well!

IMAGE( Really well, in fact.

And as if that weren't enough, Operation Supply Drop announced their Indies for Courage results today. Back in November, Indie Gamer Chick put out a call to any indies who might want to participate, and I was happy to include NEO Scavenger in the bunch. In the end, $15,000 in game codes were collected and distributed to soldiers both in combat zones and recovering in military hospitals. Awesome!

Plus, the number of YouTube videos and reviews has been ramping-up lately, and I've been doing my best to retweet those that I see. All in all, quite the weekend!

As a result, my inbox has been a bit crazier, and PR time a bit more prolonged. It's exhausting, though the good type of exhausting, as marketing is one of the things shoestring operations like mine struggle with.

So did I get any development done today? Surprisingly, yes!

I continued work on the creature conversation feature, as there were still a lot of special cases that needed handling. Many of today's fixes involved multiple creatures in the same hex, and how they affect entering and exiting both battles and conversations. There were some issues causing duplicate conversations to start after one NPC agreed to talk. In a similar manner, some battles aren't ending correctly if the various combatants offer ceasefires at different times. (I.e. offer expires for some when others finally agree)

I also had to do some tweaking to faction default reputations, as well as battle moves' effects on those reps. I was able to attack an NPC and they continued asking to talk, which doesn't make sense :)

There were some bugs with premature conversation endings, debug info showing up in convos, and some other minor issues, too. And I even found a crafting bug by accident! (Reverse recipes were skimping on some components when they had degraded into other things.)

So, a busy day! I'm thinking tomorrow will still be busy, both in PR and development. I think today was busier, though, since I had a weekend to catch-up from. Tomorrow, I'll hopefully get more dev done.

Have a good night, all!