New Player, Great Game, Glutton for Punishment?

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New Player, Great Game, Glutton for Punishment?

Hi all, new player here. Just got the game after going through the demo a few times. Wow. As the heading states, I am currently feeling like a masochist, but am absolutely loving it. Is it just me or is the game slightly harder than the demo? you clever people you. anyhow, right now I am desperately trying to survive, not freeze, and not get killed by 100 different things.

Is there a history tab anywhere showing the results of past play-throughs? It would be rather hilarious to see just how many times i have died from the variety of blood loss, freezing, etc.

i'll come up with some more constructive (hopefully) thoughts soon, but wanted to give my first impressions.

well done!

The game is most definitely harder than the demo.
You won't find nearly as much of the essentials at the start, which is what will cause 99% of your deaths. Most characters will die of exposure because of not being able to find clothes or other basic needs.

Also in the demo you find shopping carts everywhere. The actual game makes transport items a lot more rare (and generally in crap repair). You'll often find a sled in 1-10% durability. :p

Honestly at the moment that's my only real criticism of the game (beyond a few minor balance issues and features we should have added). The start is insanely hard, mostly due to dumb luck. Unless you skill specifically for early survival (which should NEVER be forced on people), don't expect to last very long unless you get amazing luck and manage to find all the basics right from the start.

I've had many characters who've managed to search some 20+ buildings without finding any transport items or bags or clothes, etc.
My "good" games where I do amazing are the ones where my characters just find a bounty of items right from the start which sets them up for the rest of the game.

I think the early game needs a bit of balance in that regard.

Actually, it's possible to survive all the way to the DMC wearing nothing but the hospital gown. Freezing to death is prevented by putting the sleeping bag you automatically find down every time you skip to the next turn (just remember to pick it up each time!). Hopefully, there'll be some amount of water to buy at the junk shop. Have not tried to do this with "bad" metabolism, though.

EDIT: Tried this with all bad stats too, and it would probably have been possible if I hadn't decided to rest during the first night. Interestingly enough, when I was near dying of thirst, I became "overburdened" without carrying anything, even with the gown removed. Intentional or bug?

Hi bengtssonmathias. Your character becoming weaker as the negative statuses pile up is intentional. All the "red bars" work this way - starving, dying of thirst, freezing, being badly unrested, etc.

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The sleep/tired meeter is especially critical. I've fallen flat on my face / passed out in battle due to fatigue before--which is one major reason why corn-a-cola is so darn valuable when you just need to get away and don't have time to sleep.