Where's my tent? Love permadeath, but need multiple save slots.

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Where's my tent? Love permadeath, but need multiple save slots.


I just found out about "neo scavenger" on rockpapershotgun and this game is just great. It reminds me of "ancient domains of mystery" (adom) which also has permadeath, but nevertheless I managed to win that game few times :) The thing that is definitely missing in "neo scavenger" are multiple save slots. In adom you could create multiple characters, and play some of them, switching between them. Only when the character dies the savegame is simply earsed. Do you think that you could add multiple save slots?

Another nice thing would be some kind of hall of fame with some info on achievements of this particular character, as well as his skills. Like: "He was eagle eyed and a medic, he froze to death in an abadoned office building."

And last thing, the reason that I acutally registered on this forum: my character had tracking, and eagle-eyed. I walked several hexes while always staying hidden and hiding my tracks. Finally in a forest, also after hiding my tracks, I constructed a tent shelter, had put a sleeping bag inside, and three noise traps. I wanted to sleep here. I clicked "end turn" and I am fairly certain that nobody was following me. On next turn I just wanted to sleep, but look! There's nothing on the ground. My sleeping bag, the tent and all noise traps have mysteriously disappeared. I checked the messages if anything bad happened that could explain this. But there was nothing. So I concluded that it is definitely a bug, game version v0.982b 12/17/2013

I purchased the game via steam three days ago. How can I participate in some testing?

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Hiding is what causes the disappearing camp bug. If you save and quit, the camp will reappear when you reload the game. Until the bug is fixed I'd try to get into the habit of hiding before you set your camp up.

Thanks, indeed the camp is back here :) Too bad I previously lost some equipment due to that...

How can I participate in some testing?

Whenever you find a bug, check if it was reported before and, if it wasn't, always try to include the number of version you are using (current one is 0.982b, and can be found on the menu screen, under the logo), as well as platform you are playing on.

One other thing that can be helpful and makes catching the bugs easier for the developer - whenever you think you've found a big one, make and copy the save game. If it so happen that this is a new and unreported or hard to find bug, running that save in debugger might help narrow the problem down.

Po nazwisku zgaduję że rodak? Witam na forum :D

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Thanks for those bug reporting hints. I need to figure out where the game is, and if it's enough just to copy the top directory (some windows games insist on using "/user/My Documents" directory or something like that).

I wonder if I find that directory with the game, and copy it over to linux, then would it run on linux? I see that it is flash based, and I have flash working on linux, so maybe it will run.

I can't run steam on linux, because I don't want upgrade debian to testing. So my option is to try to run "neo scavenger" by hand, on linux.

About the "Hall of fame", here's how it looks in adom (just few selected, to show some variety of possible deaths):

[2] 20531800 Duereu (janek). L45 dark elven ranger (M). 19822737 xps. 122289 turns. Won on 5/1/2008. He saved the world with his brave efforts and became a great ruler while saving himself 2 times. {<-- that actually means how many times I did quit the game, saved it and went to sleep. There IS permadeath there.}
[5] 1107559 AI (janek). L38 hurthling thief (M). 8237716 xps. 194382 turns. Died on 1/29/2004. He was killed by a doppleganger king on level 46 of the caverns of chaos.
[9] 461997 Gynor (janek). L24 gnomish weaponsmith (M). 1224353 xps. 141509 turns. Died on 10/23/2003. He was roasted in the basement of the tower of eternal flames.
[12] 418552 Pycek (janek). L19 hurthling mindcrafter (M). 441587 xps. 131977 turns. Died on 12/5/2005. He was drowned by a water dragon in the cave of the water dragon.
[90] 19158 Rufus (janek). L6 hurthling thief (M). 1647 xps. 1163 turns. Died on 1/18/2004. He died of acute blood poisoning on level 1 of a dangerous cave at the Drakalor Pass.
[91] 18988 Servantes (janek). L10 gnomish wizard (M). 15379 xps. 4803 turns. Died on 11/11/2002. He transformed himself into an ash heap with a wand of fire! on level 3 of a dangerous cave at the Drakalor Pass.
[92] 18899 TarrrMaksarr (janek). L10 dwarven paladin (M). 37740 xps. 16984 turns. Died on 1/7/2003. He was killed by Hotzenplotz, the crime lord, in the outlaw village "Lawenilothehl".

PS: tak, rodak :)

There is a separate download version for Linux, here on the page (and one for Mac too), but you don't have access to it because you bought the game on Steam. Try contacting Dan the Developer directly (via email address in the Contact tab above) - maybe he will be able help you out somehow.

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The save is a bit hard to find, check this thread:

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@OP:You have some pretty good points there, i totally agree(especially with the save slots and the hall of fame),thank you!


..my first post here, hello comm!great game!