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Non Permadeath Mode

Absolutely loving the game so far, but speaking to a couple of friends about the various ways I keep dying, they're asking if there is a save or checkpoint function, because they're not into permadeath. While I like playing with permadeath/hardcore characters in games when it's available, having it as the sole function is going to lock out alot of people from what is a game that's only going to improve with time. In the interests of bringing the game forward to more people and not having people see it as something "too hard" for them, I believe that having a "normal" mode would be of great benefit to the game's popularity and increase interest somewhat.

If this has been brought up before, apologies. I haven't seen anything about this so far.

Sorry friend but this will probably never happen. The whole point of the game is to make careful choices the ability to just reload if you mess up something would ruin the feeling of the game play. But there *might* be game difficulties (hard harder hardest :P) that make the game a bit easier.

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Ok, normally I hate permadeath-only games. I actually quit playing Don't Starve (an isometric mouse driven crafting game) due to the permadeath. Spending days on a game, building bases, crafting stuff ect only to have it wiped away = not good. But this game is not that.

This is one of the very few games I ever played where I think permadeath is a good thing. It would extremely lack something without it. Its supposed to be hard. I started playing yesterday after trying out the demo. Got about 30 playthroughs now. Some last an hour, and the farthest I ever got was sent off to the urn, about 4 hours of play, twice. Then died of dehydration both times because I didnt know you had to craft water out of rivers instead of put your bottle in it!

Dont think of this game as something you "beat", just try and see how far you can get each time.

I *do* really think this game would benefit from a real manual of how to use the UI, because I died numorous times due to not knowing UI related stuff (WASD/arrows swich item positioning, you have to craft bodies of water- not just put them in your bottle). But other than that, this game is balanced* nicely for permadeath, so no dont get rid of it. And thats coming from someone who loathes permadeath.

*as I get unluckily one-shotted by a barefoot, naked bandit who somehow stabs me in the lung through my gown, 2 shirts, hoodie and fur coat with a crude arrow - no kidding it just happened*

You can manually backup your save or you can use the save manager someone in this forum made.

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I just got started and I actually like the permadeath, but it would be really nice if I could just die faster. Or just lose a fight faster. Every time I give this game up for good it's immediately after spending 80 turns trying desperately to beat (and then run away from) the feeble, unarmed, one-legged bandit who somehow manages to destroy me despite the fact that I manhandled that first wolfman before I had my coffee. That bit is really irritating. Never mind that I should be able to kill or frighten a few just by luck of the draw, but do my beatings really have to take so long?

What I end up doing is just quit and start over after the first 10 turns or so of combat because I'd rather start over than spend the next 50 turns gently grazing somebody with a wrench while he slaps me to death. Granted, I suck, but even when all I do is dodge, retreat, and hide, it almost never works and at my skill level a surrender is just agreeing to freeze to death before I restart, so I just restart. I hate it, but i keep coming back so it must be pretty good.

Take the Ranged skill and try to fight enemies from a safe distance. Even a sling can easily cripple a foe (use stones, not pebbles).

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

There are slings?!? So I went back in after I posted, and either the algorithm changed or I had just had really crappy luck the first few times, but I finally was able to survive a few days and learn a lot (BOTANY!!!). Got in several hour long games where there seem to be way fewer raiders right at the start. Pure chance, probably. Gonna check out those slings now and finally buy it on Steam, thanks.

Like someone said above me, the idea of the game is to make careful choices, at least for me it's pretty fun because since the game is generated randomly you never know how much you will last out there, what will happen,etc...

Also there is a trick to save your files so if you are a beginner in NEO Scavenger that little trick will do charms. But as I played and died in NEO scavenger, I found out that the game over is not dying, but giving up, when you ragequit the game because you died too many times it means "Game Over" the game is meant to test your perseverance your smarts and your choices, you lose when you stop playing because you get frustrated of not making the right choices and not staying alive as long as you like.

And you win the game when you manage to find cool gear and you die knowing that you gave your best to try and survivethe punishing wasteland of Neo Scavenger.

This game is a piece of art, and that is what I love of this game, it makes you think and plan every action for your character, because there is no score to track, there is no prize to win if you kill a bandit, your reward is to see the next day and being alive. That when you win the game, when you are alive.

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