Unsettling world

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Unsettling world

(brought this from the steam forums since the story section was sorta empty.)

[ Est***t*d time: 3:10 P*]
*some of the words are faded out due to rain*-,ok! I finally arrived at the light in the sky, the first thing I saw after being ejected out of a pod and rubbed myself down with plant fluid to keep a two legged beast away.

Anyways, after talking to a man who calls himself "The Hatter",he tried to offer me a job and in return a bracelet, but clearly I saw through his little cloak trick but after time went on he finally gave up and told me he would keep a careful eye on me till later notice and slipped me a bracelet labled "DMC-143" was it a identification number? to the city I go!

[6:21 AM]
I Will begin my quest of my real identity after I visit the junkyard store, shady but useful place..Before I cut off The Hatter he was talking about a hidden place and told me I was near it but kept walking without notice, myopia, seems like I would be 10x more equipped if my genetics didn't have such a unworthy trait sitting in it's pool.

[Estimated time 6:25 (?) AM]
Damn watch, lost connection to the DMC already? Hoverbikes and cryo chambers, yet they couldn't develop a better signal.

[ time 6:?? AM]
*page has some blood drippings on it*
decided to go into a old building and one of the...what was it, oh! The floor gave out on me and i fell a floor smacking my head on a table on the way down, my head is hurting real bad, might have a concussion or worst.
I decided to stay in th building for awhile longer, while I did that I made somthing called a sundial, ancient clocks, which...It seems at this point in the future I doubt anyone knows about the past except the old..which...I'm, I never seen any around, not even in the city, or atleast from what I seen so far. It also seems I can remember pointless stuff that I probably learned before I was put into a tube...Like..Cashews come from fru- Ah what the hell probably no one even eats fruit or nuts.
Started to ramble to pass the time, head still hurts and according to my sun dial..it's...still around six. so not much time has passed since I hurt myself.

[Night time probably near midnight...probably]
fell asleep on one of the old couches in the building, I feel much better so I will be heading out to continue to that hidden place. I sometimes doubt myself on wether or not I should go, he was trying to trick me, if it's hidden they're has to be some sort of answer or treasure!..But..What if it was just a trap?

*Handwriting is messy and written with extreme haste*
I'm hiding behind a falle tree, was chased by a group of peple out of buildin Light got very dark from they're flaslights, girl white dress, everyon started to scream and panic I ran far, very far. screams stop. must keep moving.

I collapsed in one of the urban areas in this land and fell asleep next to a skeleton..whatever happened last night..Nevermind I rather not remember. I will not limit my logs now, everything will be written down. Log 1 through whatever, the number resets everyday.
[Log 1]
came across a young lady with a old worn out sun hat, a tattered dress and she had light brown hair, it was long but messy and she kinda looked cute, sadly not so nice, her dress had blood stains all over it, fresh and old, wet and dry..I knew she's not from here. she must have been a civilian in the DMC, probably abducted and brought out here, though the reasons I don't like to dwell on too long..She was walking towards me, taking her sweet time to get to me..or..pass me so I quickly side-stepped a few feet so she can get through with all the space she wanted. what unnerved me the most was her distant eyes, I caught a glimpse of at as she walked away, it had a slight...glow? or a un-human appe- what am I saying?
how about...It wasn't her real eyes. Yea, Let's just leave it at that.
[Log 2]
About and hour passed since I left that urban area and the encounter with the girl and into the neighboring area and I came across some bodies, freshly killed. I examined them. They had deep lacerations on they're arms,leg and torso but the most noticeable injury is they're eyes, they're missing. The only connection I can make is that the girl..killed these men and took they're eyes? For what reason? I don't know.

[Night time]
I travelled through a few hours and trekked a few forests for food, I'm full and hydrated! But, I feel a pair of eyes, not just one pair..but several. the wind is casting off a eerie whistle, the metal carcusses of cars making they're dying metallic noises as they rust and the debris from the land is hitting against things makes my paranoia 10x worst. I gunna leave, I can't stay any longer!

[Log 1] *the words are poorly written as if made with shivering hands*
I SAW IT, the very same lady from my encounter with the bandits, T-That thing is still alive, I saw her when I peaked out from the door ways and looked to my left and they're she was, frozen in time as if she couldn't move when they'res mortal eyes upon her! I couldn't yell, I just whimpered and ran like a child, my eyes burned for a unknown reason, I wanted to close them so bad, but I feared that if i did, she would be my reaper. Fear the lady in the white dress, whatever it is, it is to be messed with! I managed to find a office building and ran to the very top and sealed the entrance with desks and chairs, im next to some stairs and if she finds me I have a quick escape.
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(Hello, Hoped you like it I will be making more since the RP and fan fic is so empty!)

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