A problem at Zom Zom's

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A problem at Zom Zom's

Maybe this is a bug, I'm not sure. But it definitely has spoilers for anyone who hasn't been to Zom Zom's, just a warning.

So what happened is during my time in Zom Zom's, I saved and quit. WHen I went to continue my game, I'm not where I was before. I'm still as Zom Zom's but I'm outside for some reason and have been asked "Why are you back, exactly?"
The options are "I can take care of myself", "Need more barbeque" and "I don't know".

I just want to get back to where I was before. Which was, after answering "?" and getting my stamp, eating, watching a robot kill a guy then have the option to try rub off my stamp, leave (which I'm guessing would fail miserably) or... I forget the other thing. Anyway, I was really interested in the story and now it's just gone. Is there a way I can get back to where I was, from where I am now? And is this a bug, or does this always happen in certain places/encounters and it's just best not to quit until you're out of it?

EDIT: Ok, I'm out now. But I got stuck in a loop for a while. The first time, it happened after I'd left Zom Zom's but I had to end my turn. Then I was back in Zom Zom's and had to do the whole thing again, so I did, then after I collected my stuff, things started repeating again, suddenly I was back in the arena, fighting the robot. Then I'd get to the end again, when I should be leaving and I'd get the "Why are you back, exactly?" text.

That's a known bug. Saving and reloading during an encounter often causes such problems.

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Hm, I thought the game was finally saving progress in encounters correctly, but maybe some are still having issues. It sounds like the hex is triggering before the save game kicks in, interrupting the encounter.

I'll make a note to self, in case I don't already have it on my list. Thanks!

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