Conversation Testing

I just finished the last of the batch of looter conversations this afternoon, and started testing them. There are five personalities, with 16 conversations between them. Most are short, either a single node or two, and a few are longer.

I decided to make them a mix of male and female, friendly and unfriendly, just to give a sense for the way I see looters responding to others. There are some lore tidbits in there, but the real thing it shows is a bit of the looter culture.

There's a lot of room to expand this repertoire, but for now, let's just make sure it works.

And that's what the remainder of the day was spent doing. I fired up a new game, went into looter territory, and spawned a looter. And the first few conversations seemed to work okay!

Then, however, I started noticing bugs. For one thing, NPCs were triggering conversations before I agreed to talk. Also, conversations could be agreed to just as someone was leaving battle, so the next time you bumped into them, the conversation would start. It was a bit jarring.

So I'll have some bugs to fix tomorrow. However, during the time it worked, it seemed to work pretty well. Looking forward to seeing more of it in action tomorrow!


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Hi, Dan!
Big fan of NS from Russia! Sorry for my english, i'm not very skillful in it.
Your concept is fantastic, i've never been so deep in the game for years! It is the best post-apocalytpic game i've ever played since Fallout 2. Please tell me, how we can help you? Is there some sort of FAQ? How about artwork?
Wish you all the best!

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Hey ogur,

Wow, thanks! Fallout 2 has some big shoes to fill, so that is quite a compliment :)

At the moment, I'm not really sure if I'm ready to take on any helpers. Once in a while I work with collaborators on certain tasks, but I don't have a team yet. I'll post an announcement if that changes, though!

Thanks again!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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All right, good luck, Dan! Mother Russia with you :)
Looking forward to see the game :)

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You could start a russian wiki.

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