passing out on an encounter hex bug

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passing out on an encounter hex bug

love the game.
ran into a bug, i think, today, while at the gables house. just as my dude was leaving after getting ashes, he knocked his head on something and passed out. he was in pretty bad shape before going in, just barely made it. anyways, got stuck in an endless loop of the encounter - asking if i want to enter the house or not. passed out, i could enter it, go upstairs, downstairs, but if i chose to leave the house, it just restarted the encounter. already got killed by that entity there once, was hoping to survive this time! :D

Ah, good catch! There are probably some encounter triggers I need to adjust for unconscious characters. I'll add that to my list, thanks!

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It's generally a bad idea to enter that house a second time.

If you sleep in a hex with a repeatable encounter it starts again each turn. You have to repeat or abort it until you wake up.

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